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September 4, 2014

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September 4, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DOTD Form 24-102. September 4, 2014. Introduction of Consultant Contracts Staff. Alan Dale, P.E ., DOTD Consultant Contracts Services Administrator, ( ), 225-379-1401 Kathy Ward , DOTD Contracts Manager, ( ), 225-379-1893

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september 4 2014

DOTD Form 24-102

September 4, 2014

introduction of consultant contracts staff
Introduction of Consultant Contracts Staff
  • Alan Dale, P.E., DOTD Consultant Contracts Services Administrator, (, 225-379-1401
  • Kathy Ward, DOTD Contracts Manager, (,


  • Heather Huval, DOTD Advertisement Specialist, (, 225-379-1733
location of form on dotd s web site
Location of form on DOTD’s Web Site
new submittal requirement usb drive
New Submittal Requirement (USB Drive)
  • One original (stamped “original”) and five copies of the DOTD Form 24‑102 must be submitted to DOTD along with an electronic copy (USB flash drive only) in a searchable Portable Document Format (pdf). If you wish to have your flash drive returned, please include a postage paid, self-addressed envelope.
dotd form 24 102
DOTD Form 24-102
  • Sections
    • 1) Project Title/Location
    • 2) Announcement Date/Contract Number
    • 3a) Firm
        • As registered with the Secretary of State
        • DBA for sole proprietorships which bear the full name of the owner
    • 3b) Firm License Number
        • License number as per LAPELS
        • DUNNS number as per (new requirement)
    • 3c) Mailing address of the office to perform work
    • 4a) Name, title, telephone number, and e-mail address of the official with signing authority for this contract.
    • 4b) Name, title, telephone number, and e-mail address of project point of contact.
dotd form 24 1021
DOTD Form 24-102
  • Sections (continued)
    • 4c) Name, title, and telephone number of full-time LA Licensed Engineer or Surveyor in charge.
    • 5a) Has the firm obtained a DOTD-approved audited overhead rate within the past five years? If no, do you have a cognizant agency overhead?
    • 5b) Has the firm submitted the required current labor rates to DOTD’s Audit Section as described in Section 2.3 of the Consultant Contract Services Manual
dotd form 24 1022
DOTDForm 24-102
  • Sections (continued)
    • 6) Full-time personnel on firm’s payroll
    • 7) If one or more Sub-Consultants will be used, provide the information requested below
    • List should match Sub-Consultants shown in 8b
    • 8a) List the elements of work as defined in the advertisement, and an estimated percentage and detailed description of the work element(s) to be performed by the Prime-Consultant and each Sub-Consultant.
    • 8b) Identify the percentage of work for the overall project to be performed by the Prime Consultant and each Sub-Consultant
dotd form 24 1023
DOTDForm 24-102
  • Sections (continued)
    • 9a) Project Staffing Plan
    • 9b) Identify full-time staff (prime/sub-consultant) designated to work on this project meeting the Minimum Personnel Requirements specified in the advertisement.
    • 10) Provide short résumés for key project personnel in alphabetical order by last name
    • 11) Firm’s most relevant project experience
    • 12) Backlog - List any current prime or Sub-Consultant work being performed by all of your firm’s offices, either directly for or via selection by the DOTD.
dotd form 24 1024
DOTD Form 24-102
  • Sections (continued)
    • 13) Provide any additional information or description of resources supporting your firm’s qualifications for the proposed project.
    • 14) Signature of Official (same as 4a), certifying that all information contained herein is accurate and true, and that the firm presently hassufficient staff to perform these serviceswithin the designated time frame.
dotd form 24 1025
DOTD Form 24-102
  • The Sub-Consultants do have to fill out a completely separate submittal packet that is incorporated/bound firmly to the Prime Consultants submittal packet.
  • While not a requirement, CCS is encouraging prime Consultant’s to add tabs at least between the prime and sub-consultants in the submitted24-102 forms to aid the Project Evaluation Team.
dotd form 24 102 common issues
DOTD Form 24-102 Common Issues
  • 3a – Firm must be registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State (unless a sole proprietorship)
  • 5a and 5b – While a “no” answer will not be grounds for being deemed non-responsive, lack of this data will increase the time to execute a contract and may reduce the firm’s expected compensation
  • 6 Full-time personnel –contract workers must be approved before submitting, Transportation Organization Charts reducing staff level to firm members that may work on DOTD projects must be approved before submitting. You can do this by emailing Mr. Alan Dale at
personnel domiciled
Personnel Domiciled
  • The first column, All Personnel Domiciled in LA, is to include the number of full-time employees on the firm’s payroll who are domiciled in Louisiana.
  • The second column, Project Specific Personnel NOT domiciled in LA, is to include the number of full-time employees on the firm’s payroll who are not domiciled in Louisiana but will potentially be assigned to perform work under the contract. Workers not located in the office shown in 3c may impact firm’s location used for evaluation purposes.
transportation organization charts
Transportation Organization Charts
  • If the number of full-time transportation related employees domiciled in Louisiana is less that the total number of all full-time employees domiciled in Louisiana, the Consultant may submit an organizational chart to the Consultant Contract Services Section, Alan Dale confirming such. The organizational chart will be kept on file and should be regularly updated for appreciable changes in staff.
  • Contract employees may be allowed for a period of time for a particular element or task on a project. Contract employees should be shown in Section 9a. Project Staffing Plan with resumes included in Section 10.
dotd form 24 102 common issues1
DOTD Form 24-102 Common Issues
  • A Sub-Consultant shall not utilize another Sub-Consultant.
  • Reporting of percent of total work by each team member should be reported in whole numbers only.
  • Staffing Plan should be in the format of an organizational chart. Show ALL key personnel, prime and sub-consultants (if applicable), the work element each person is assigned to, and their specific duties. The chart shall be organized such that each person is traceable to their immediate supervisor for each work element. It shall also be made apparent in the chart the firm with which each person is associated.
dotd form 24 102 common issues2
DOTD Form 24-102 Common Issues
  • Minimum Personnel Requirements table (9b) identify those staff members meeting the Minimum Personnel Requirements. The entries shall be in the order of the personnel requirements as presented in the advertisement. More than the minimum number of personnel can be listed, all will be evaluated and rated. This allows the firm to still be considered if a member is deemed not to satisfy the minimum requirements. No additions are allowed after the deadline date of the advertisement.
dotd form 24 102 common issues3
DOTD Form 24-102 Common Issues
  • Resumes (Section 10) for the key project personnel are required. The resumes shall be in alphabetical order by last name. The resumes shall be a brief description of the experience and qualifications relevant to the proposed project. The role and responsibility should be made clear for each project shown in Section g. Include agency project numbers and dates of the work performance period. If personnel performed duties on projects listed in Section 11, this information provided should match information listed on their resume.
new firms
New Firms
  • Federal Registration Link for (System for Award Management)
  • Registration Link LAGOV:
  • Registration Help Desk: (225) 342-6349
  • It is highly advisable to register a minimum of one if not moreof the following product category codes

   80101500 For Consulting/Professional Services 81112000 For any services that include Computer Elements 43231500 For Software License and Maintenance Agreements 81102200 For Engineering and Related Services

  • Instructions for Completing the DOTD Form 24-102 (Rev Nov. 2011)
  • LA DOTD Projected Advertisements
  • E-mail Alan Dale at Alan.Dale@la.govyour contract information so that your firm can be added to CCS database