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U. S. Department of Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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U. S. Department of Energy

U. S. Department of Energy

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U. S. Department of Energy

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  1. Leadership Seminar Leadership In-depth Module 8 U. S. Department of Energy

  2. Safety Message

  3. Key learnings • Review Daily Key Learnings: • Discuss any further learnings • Any more PLUS/DELTAs • Add to the flip chart • Reminder of Homework: • Individual Action Plan • Deliverable for Course Completion

  4. Goals • Share leadership tips and techniques • Distinguish between leadership and management • Discuss leadership competencies and leadership profile results • Identify strategies to motivate yourself and your employees • Discuss your role in training and developing direct reports

  5. Video

  6. Leadership TIME FOR A….Dynamic Learning Activity!!

  7. Leadership Versus Management • What’s the Difference? • Why do you believe you need to be good at both? • Examples of tasks/characteristics associated with each?

  8. Leadership • “Followers are often lost and even the leader is not sure where to go. All the leaders know is that the plan or the “map” they have in front of them is not sufficient to get them out. What the leader has to do, when faced with this situation, is instill some confidence in people, get them moving in some general direction, and be sure they look closely at cues created by their actions so that they learn where they were and get some better idea of where they are and where they want to be” (Weick, 1995, p. 55). Adapted from: Sensemaking in the Organization by Karl E. Weick, 1995, p. 55

  9. Why is Effective Leadership so Important?

  10. Why did you become a leader? • EXAMPLES: • Technical Understanding • Ability • Process Knowledge • Someone recognized that you could influence group • behavior and others • You believe in the importance of the work you do and in the • success of the organization’s mission and you try to • positively influence others.

  11. There are only eight competencies These are the most-often-cited behaviors or attitudes: Emotional Intelligence Contextual Thinking Directional Clarity Creative Assimilation

  12. There are only eight competencies These are the most-often-cited behaviors or attitudes: Change Orchestration People Enablement Reciprocal Communication Driving Persistence

  13. Take the ASSESSMENT!! • Everyone should have an assessment • Take about 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment • Instructions are included in the assessment • When you are done, take a break until everyone is finished. • Questions?

  14. Assessment Review • Step 1: Share your strengths in your group. • Step 2: Describe what does a Leader do to demonstrate their strengths effectively.

  15. Assessment Review • Step 1: Share developmental areas in your group. • Step 2: Describe what does a Leader do to improve the developmental areas effectively.

  16. Video

  17. Would Your Leadership Style Motivate or Inspire You?

  18. Would I Inspire Me? •— • Motivate: To provide a motive, to induce, incite, impel • Inspire: Breathe life into, to arouse someone else, particularly to arouse something animating inside them to enliven

  19. Would I Inspire Me? • FIRST OF ALL: • Before I can hope to inspire anybody else, FIRST I’ve got to inspire ME! • How do you inspire yourself? • Music? • In the shower each morning you think of a motivational kick-off? • Other Examples?

  20. Would I Inspire Me? • Ask yourselves this question: “Would YOU want to work for YOU?” • What kind of work atmosphere or environment are you creating? • List ways you inspire your work group each day.

  21. Would I Inspire Me? • PRETEND TO BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE UNTIL YOU BECOME IT. • ENVISION WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ! • You know what it looks like so envision it! • FIND A MENTOR • Who do you know that inspires you or that reflects the type of person you want to be?

  22. What makes people passionate about their work? • Purpose • Competence • Progress • Control

  23. Something to think about The generation entering the workplace today expects to have meaning in their jobs. • What are you doing to show them that what they do matters? • How will you keep the seasoned workers engaged? • What are you doing for that “middle” layer?

  24. Something to Think about • How many generations are there working together at your work site? • Discuss the various generations and the common attributes of each.

  25. Helping your people develop • Do you create opportunities for growth? • I go beyond job descriptions • I am aware of my people’s goals • What is your role in training and developing your direct reports? • Accreditation-related • Going beyond the formal training programs

  26. What are you doing now to sharpen your leadership saw?