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Student Teaching Notebook

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Student Teaching Notebook. Mrs. Staci Fuqua, Coordinator of Field Placements UT Martin August, 2013. Student Teaching Notebook.

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Student Teaching Notebook

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student teaching notebook

Student Teaching Notebook

Mrs. Staci Fuqua,

Coordinator of Field Placements

UT Martin

August, 2013

student teaching notebook1
Student Teaching Notebook
  • Develop a notebook containing a collection of materials that will serve as documentation of experiences and activities provided for student learners by you, the classroom teacher. The “Student Teaching Notebook Rubric” serves as the Table of Contents/first page of the Student Teaching Notebook.
  • Place items in the order below and separate with tabs. You may be able to duplicate some of the evidence below for your portfolio.
  • Initial each section as you complete it.
  • The US will initial each section as he or she assesses the Notebook.
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Click here to view the “Student Teaching Notebook Rubric”.
curriculum standards for each placement
Curriculum Standards for Each Placement

Include standards for both placements and for each subject area.

  • Click here to view “State Curriculum Standards”.
  • “Common Core Standards”- You may put these in a separate notebook if you wish.
reflection papers throughout notebook
Reflection Papers (throughout notebook)
  • Reflection Paper
  • 300-700 Words
  • Brief but detailed summary of observation
  • Include:
    • Analysis and evaluation of lesson
    • What are possibilities for application (What can you use, what went well, what will you do differently, etc.?)
i student teacher s classroom and discipline policies
I. Student Teacher’s Classroom and Discipline Policies
  • Include classroom/discipline policies for each placement (they may be your CT’s policies and may be different at each placement or you may have your own).
  • Include a written reflection of each placement. You will write a reflection sharing thoughts on why you chose the policies/rules you chose.
ii daily lesson plans for university supervisor
II. Daily Lesson Plans for University Supervisor
  • Twelve Total Lesson Plans in the requested format. Sample is provided on the ESS website.
  • One for the day before, the day of, and the day after each evaluation by the US. This must be provided to the US prior to the lesson being taught.

Let’s do the math: So that’s

  • 3 lesson plans (as above) X 2 observations per placement = 6 lesson plans per placement.
      • TOTAL of 12 (6 lesson plans per placement X 2 placements)
ii daily lesson plans for university supervisor1
II. Daily Lesson Plans for University Supervisor
  • Let’s discuss lesson plans and how the way you complete them will be different depending on your major.
  • Example: K-6 versus Secondary, etc.

i.e., K-6 (all subjects taught)

lesson plans
Lesson Plans
  • Lesson plans are required for EACH day you are teaching. That means you will have many more than the 12 required for your formal observations. (Place in IX. Other Lesson Plans)
  • PreK-3 and K-6 majors will have to complete a lesson plan form for EACH subject you teach. This will take a considerable amount of planning.
  • Secondary and K-12 majors will have to complete lesson plans EACH day BUT because they are not teaching ALL subjects, they will have less than the PreK-3 and K-6 majors.
sample daily lesson plan
  • The “Lesson Plan” format is the “suggested” format to be used by all student teachers. Your Univ. Supv. will share their preferred format with you at your meeting. If your CT/school requires a specific format, please do as they do.
  • A sample form and example is located on our webpage at:

Go to

Select: “Student Teaching Lesson Plan format”

  • *We will have a “refresher” session on Planning this Wednesday a.m.
iii copies of evaluation by university supervisor
III. Copies of Evaluation By University Supervisor
  • Each student teacher is observed a minimum of 2 times per placement. You will keep a copy of each evaluation in your student teaching notebook.
  • US will provide you with the “pink” copy.
  • (2 evaluations X 2 placements= 4 TOTAL)
  • Click here: Form to be used by your U.S. for all observations.
iv reflecting information record rir
IV. Reflecting Information Record (RIR)
  • Complete one for each evaluation by the US
    • 2 per placement x 2 placements= 4 total
  • Complete the “Reflecting Information Record”the same day as you are observed. This should be completed immediately after your evaluation. The US should schedule enough time to discuss the results of the evaluation immediately after the evaluation is completed before you return to the classroom.
reflecting information record
Reflecting Information Record

Click here: Reflecting Information Record

v lesson plans for evaluation by cooperating teacher
V. Lesson Plans for Evaluation by Cooperating Teacher
  • Include the lesson plan set for the official “Final Evaluation by CT.” Use the same format you used for evaluation by the US. (1 set per placement).
    • Remember: This means you must provide a lesson plan for the day before, the day of, and the day after prior to teaching the lesson.
    • Actually, you will have a total of 3 lesson plans for eachplacement based on the statement above.
    • Hint: (3 lesson plans = 1 set)
vi copies of mid session dispositions form by ct
VI. Copies of Mid-Session Dispositions form by CT
  • Each CT will complete a “mid-session dispositions” form at each placement. This should be completed about half-way through each placement. The “pink” copy should be given to the student teacher and placed in the notebook.
  • 1 per placement= 2 total in notebook

Click for “Mid-Session Dispositions form”

vii copies of ct checklist for walk thru observations
VII. Copies of CT Checklist for Walk-Thru Observations
  • Cooperating teachers are requested to do a “walk-thru” observation once a week.
    • Here’s the form (located in CT packet)
  • IF your CT does not do one each week, do not panic. We can’t require them to but we do ask that they do if possible.
  • Place all copies of the “CT Checklist for Walk-Thru” forms completed by CT in your notebook.
viii copies of final evaluations by ct w reflections
VIII. Copies of Final Evaluations by CT w/ Reflections
  • Include a copy of the CT evaluation forms (2). You must make a copy. DO NOT remove from the NCR form. The entire form must be returned by CT to Gooch 205 by stated deadline.
  • Include a reflection paper for each of these evaluations (2).
viii copies of final evaluations by ct w reflections cont
VIII. Copies of Final Evaluations by CT w/ Reflections (Cont.)
  • Each student teacher is observed a minimum of 1 time per placement by the CT. This is your final evaluation by the CT. You will keep a copy of each evaluation in your student teaching notebook.
  • (1 evaluation each placement X 2 placements= 2 TOTAL)
  • Click here: Form to be used by your C.T. for all observations.
ix other lesson plans
IX. Other Lesson Plans
  • Include any lesson plans you prepare during student teaching except those used for formal observations. There will be several! If you’re teaching, you should have lesson plans. 
  • Place formal observation plans in section II and V of notebook.
  • You must use the lesson plan format determined by US and/or CT.
  • Supervisors will spot-check your notebook for these when they observe you.
  • You can NEVER use a “plan book”in lieu of the formal lesson plan format. You do not have enough experience teaching for this to work.
X. Checklists and Reflections for Observations of CT by ST (2 per placement) and Other Teachers (2 per placement)
  • Please complete the checklist each time you observe your CT and other teachers. Write a reflection of each observation. Reflections must be in required format.
    • Click Here: “Observation Checklist for Student Teachers”
  • Two per CT/placement x 2 placements= 4
    • One observation of CT at beginning of each placement
    • One observation of CT at end of each placement
  • Two of “other teachers” per placement x 2 placements = 4
    • These can be done anytime throughout placements.
          • TOTAL= 8
observation checklist
Observation Checklist
  • Click here: Observation Checklist Form
  • **You may print additional copies from the ESS website.

choose “Student Teaching: Forms”

xi professional development activities two total
XI. Professional Development Activities (Two total)
  • Include at least one from a school placement.
  • You may use one from Student Teaching Orientation or Mid-Semester Seminar session. This information will be available on the website.
  • Evidence and reflection paper plus explanatory caption if you plan to use for Tchr Ed. portfolio.
xii interviews
XII. Interviews
  • Two interviews and two reflections per placement.
  • Total of 4 Interviews and 4 Reflections
  • Use our form as a guide for questions, but you may ask other questions as well.
  • Write a summary and response for each interview. Follow requirements for reflection papers.
questions to guide interviews
Questions to Guide Interviews
  • Click: Suggested Interview Questions
  • Again, you may ask other questions but this guide should help you get the information you need to complete this requirement.
xiii student teacher sign in
XIII. Student Teacher Sign-In
  • Sign in for every day you are present during the student teaching semester.
  • For days when you are absent or not at school for any reason, write the reason instead of your signature.
  • Have your CT sign on the appropriate line.
  • Place this document in your Student Teaching Notebook (XIII.-Daily Sign-In Sheet).
student teacher sign in
Student Teacher Sign-In
  • Click: Student Teacher Sign-In form
  • Available on the ESS website

choose “Student Teaching-Forms”

xiv weekly email reflections
XIV. Weekly Email Reflections

Students must email U.S. each week by Saturday at 9pm. Responses to questions with less than 300 words are not acceptable. This is meant to be an exercise in sharing your thoughts so you can improve from week to week. Please address the following questions each week. Be descriptive!

1. What did you learn about yourself this week?

2. What things could you have done differently?

3. What are your struggles or concerns?

4. What have been positive highlights this week?

5. What are your goals for next week?

6. Anything else you would like to share!

weekly schedule
Weekly Schedule
  • As a means of helping your university supervisor in planning tentative visiting schedules, you are asked to assist in this task by submitting a Weekly Schedule periodically during the student teaching experience. Each Thursday evening, you are expected to email in a schedule for the next complete week (Monday-Friday). Sample schedules plus blank forms are available at (student teaching forms). Be sure to mark each activity as to the extent of your responsibility.
  • “O” means you are observing, a passive onlook;
  • “P” means participating, but without the ultimate responsibility;
  • “T” means you are teaching, or have the responsibility.
  • If you are giving tests or for some reason the class will not meet (assembly program, pep rally, etc.), please denote on the schedule. If there are special activities or problems that need to be brought to the attention of your university supervisor, use the space designated comments and activities.
  • Email Weekly Schedule to your university supervisor-
  • Deadline every Thursday by 9pm.
    • Remember: This is for the “upcoming” week so US can plan their schedule.
  • Completion of the Weekly Schedule is one of several written reports that you are asked to submit to your university supervisor. These reports enable the university supervisor to offer needed guidance, determine progress, give assistance, and enrich your student teaching where needed. Also, it gives some indication of your ability to cope with routine reports and your facility with written English. Both of the items are often asked about if recommendations are requested by school systems.
weekly schedule cont
Weekly Schedule (cont.)
  • The Student Teaching Notebook rubric does not list a specific place for you to include copies of your “weekly schedules.”
  • I recommend you attach them to the back of your weekly reflections OR you may add a separate tab in your notebook to keep them all together in case you need them.
other forms
Other Forms

Various other forms located at:

Information Form-Return to me on Wednesday!


First and Second Placement Forms

Submit to Gooch 205 after your first day at each placement. Deadline: January 16th

Student Teacher Responsibilities

evaluation of notebook
Evaluation of Notebook
  • Accuracy
  • Completion
  • Were items submitted by date due? (tba by US)
  • Satisfactory completion of the Student Teaching Notebook is required before the U.S. can/will assign grades for student teaching course.
  • NOTE: U.S.’s will check your notebook at each observation. Be certain you are updating it daily/weekly.
  • Do not wait until end of term to begin notebook. You will never get it completed and your grade in the course may reflect your lack of organization and failure to meet deadlines.
notebook requirements
Notebook Requirements
  • REMEMBER……..
  • Part of your responsibility as a teacher is completing paperwork and meeting deadlines.
  • Submitting your weekly reflections, lesson plans, weekly schedule, etc. by stated deadlines greatly impacts your final grade in student teaching.
  • Now is the time to ask for clarification.
  • I want everyone to leave and feel like they know all expectations.
  • No question is a dumb question!!!!!!!