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Sarah Friar

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Sarah Friar. Managing Director, Senior Software Analyst Goldman Sachs. Agenda. Macro Backdrop and Key IT Themes. Information Security Ramifications. 3. Setting the Scene. Macro backdrop improving; emerging market growth strong CIO spending plans healthy; corporate balance sheets cash rich

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Sarah Friar

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sarah friar

Sarah Friar

Managing Director, Senior Software Analyst

Goldman Sachs


Macro Backdrop and Key IT Themes

Information Security Ramifications


setting the scene
Setting the Scene

Macro backdrop improving; emerging market growth strong

CIO spending plans healthy; corporate balance sheets cash rich

Technology and M&A landscape as vibrant as 2000

Cloud shift dramatic; similar to mainframe/ client-server/ Internet shifts

Mobility and Social changing the face of computing as we know it

Significant ramifications for security


theme 1 cloud shift significant
Theme 1: Cloud shift significant

What percentage of your enterprise compute workload (excluding SaaS applications) is delivered via external (outside the firewall) cloud computing providers (e.g., Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, etc.) and where do you anticipate that percentage will be three years from now?

Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey.

theme 2 unstoppable shift to saas
Theme 2: Unstoppable shift to SaaS

SaaS remains largely underpenetrated, hence we expect it to grow at 4X the rate of on-premise, as early hurdles have been mostly cleared and the downturn focused attention on the strong ROI case.

Growth in SaaS vs. on-premise enterprise applications and SaaS as a % of total

Source: IDC, Goldman Sachs Research estimates

theme 3 mobility everywhere
Theme 3: Mobility everywhere

Mobile data growth is significantly out-pacing overall IP traffic growth. .

Per Cisco’s Visual Networking Index from June 2010 mobile data traffic is expected to double every year through 2014, increasing 39 times between 2009 and 2014.

Rise of tablets and smartphones, taking the PC world by storm

Units in millions

Source: Goldman Sachs Research estimates

theme 3 software gets social
Theme 3: Software gets “social”

Social software market is nascent, but growing

Market for social applications, $ millions

Source: IDC


CIOs at Fortune 1000 also warming up to social

Do you currently make use of social software in your enterprise? If yes which vendors ?

Source: Global Sachs IT Survey

theme 5 m a will continue unabated
Theme 5: M&A will continue unabated

Tech consolidators have ample cash and the software group has more potential takeout candidates than any other sector… Market capitalization of GS Technology coverage with an M&A score of 1 or 2 versus cash of tech consolidators ($ billions) as of 12/31/2010

Source: Goldman Sachs Research, FactSet. Note: Apple's cash balance includes $25 billion in long-term marketable securities.

theme 5 heat map of consolidators
Theme 5: Heat map of consolidators

Source: Goldman Sachs Research estimates.

Prices as of 12/31/2010.

but the industry is maturing so need direction
But the Industry is maturing – so $$$ need direction

Is your % of security spending as a % of overall IT spending increasing or decreasing or staying the same?


spending priorities mobility 1 identity and data protection top of mind
Spending priorities – Mobility #1; identity, and data protection top of mind

Please indicate how you expect your spending to change for each product area over the next 12 months, relative to current levels


security morphing into the fabric of it
Security morphing into the fabric of IT

Customers want “Secure Products” not “Security Products”

M&A activity has shifted the security discussion inside of larger IT giants


Oblix, Crosslogix, etc => Oracle

ArcSight => HP


Defense companies also buying. Harris => Signacert

More likely to see platforms continue to expand than new, sizeable companies created.


security threat shifting to a new battlefield
Security threat shifting to a new battlefield
  • Aurora, Zeus, Google’s China issue, most recently Stuxnet have sparked Advanced Persistent Threat awareness
  • Public and private sectors compelled to work together
  • Stakes are very high.