atl i gerundives n.
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ATL I: Gerundives

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ATL I: Gerundives. Stage 39. What is a gerundive? . G erund ive is a verbal adject ive . It will always modify a noun and will match in case, number and gender. It is passive. liber legendus – a book to be read shhhh …. don’t tell anyone but the

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what is a gerundive
What is a gerundive?
  • Gerundive is a verbal adjective.
  • It will always modify a noun and will match in case, number and gender.
  • It is passive.
  • liber legendus – a book to be read
  • shhhh…. don’t tell anyone but the

gerundive is really a future passive participle.

bob how do i make a gerundive
Bob, how do I make a gerundive?
  • You take the infinitive:

amo, amare, amavi, amatus

  • Chop off the –re: ama
  • Add ndus, nda, ndum
  • Now you have: amandus
  • Now use this as a 1st or 2nd declension adjective.
  • discimuslibrisamandis
gerundive of obligation
Gerundive of Obligation
  • mihifabulanarranda est.
    • I must tell a story.
  • Hateriuslaudandus est.
    • Haterius must be praised.
  • In these examples the gerundive is being used with est to show necessity or obligation.
  • What ever is in the dative does the action.
expressing purpose
Expressing Purpose
  • The gerundive is often used to express purpose and this can be done in two ways:
    • ad + accusative
    • Genitive + causa
  • librorumlegendorumcausavenit.
  • ad libroslegendosvenit.
gerundives without est
Gerundives without est
  • Pollapostesianuaeunguitfascinationisavertendaecausa.
    • Pollaanoints the doorposts for the sake of averting the evil eye.
    • Polla anoints the doorposts to avert the evil eye.
  • nimbosingentesdemisitad genus mortaleperdendum.
    • He sent down huge rain-clouds for the purpose of destroying the human race.
    • He sent down huge rain-clouds to destroy the human race.
  • ex urbeeffugidiscriminisvitandicausa.
  • aliisiuvandisteipsumiuvas.
  • milites faces ferebant ad arbores incendendas.
  • nullaeritoccasioorationisImperatorisaudiendae.
  • cladeprohibenda vitas civiummultorumservavistis.
  • exercitus ad Caledoniam belli contra barbarosgerendicausamittetur.
  • haecverbadicit ad tepertubandum
  • AgricolaecupiditasRomaeregendaecavendaestnobis.