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Samantha Mattera (Isolda)

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Eishockey. Samantha Mattera (Isolda). Where did it start?. Almost unknown Some say: Hurley, an Irish field game played with a ball and stick Lacrosse, played by Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia Northern Europe, field hockey was played on frozen lakes in the winter.

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Samantha Mattera (Isolda)

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Samantha Mattera (Isolda)


Where did it start?

  • Almost unknown
  • Some say:
    • Hurley, an Irish field game played with a ball and stick
    • Lacrosse, played by Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia
    • Northern Europe, field hockey was played on frozen lakes in the winter

Canada – the homeland of modern hockey

First recorded hockey game in mid 1850s by British soldiers stationed at Halifax and Kingston

1870s student at Montreal’s McGill University drew up the first set of ice hockey rules

Use of a puck rather than a ball, 9 players on each side

The puck was square rather than round at the time


First amateur hockey league – Kingston, Ontario 1880

  • Popular in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal
  • 1893 – more than 100 hockey clubs in Montreal
  • 1893 – US hockey games began at Yale & John Hopkins Universities

The world's first photo of a hockey team: the McGill University team in 1881 at the Crystal Palace Rink in Montreal

the stanley cup
Oldest Trophy in North American Sports

Donated to be presented to the best hockey team by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley Preston

Original cost – $48.57

Mounted on a base to inscribe the names of the winning teams

Today it is worth $75,000

The Stanley Cup

Bobby Orr #4

With the Stanley Cup in 1970

going pro
20th Century – the professional player

1st professional league formed in 1904 in the US, lasted 3 years

1909 – National Hockey Association

1912 – professional teams were allowed to compete for Stanley Cup

1917 – NHL started in Canada with 5 teams

The Montreal Wanderers

The Montreal Canadiens

The Ottawa Senators

The Quebec Bulldogs

The Toronto Arenas

Going Pro…
the original six
NHL for 25 seasons formed in 1942

Montreal Canadiens – 1909

Toronto Maple Leafs – 1927

Boston Bruins 1924

New York Rangers 1925

Detroit Red Wings 1926

Chicago Blackhawks 1926

The Original Six

Different rules than 1870s

Number of players

Development of equipment

chick s play hockey too
1st recorded game played in 1889 in Ottawa

Declined in 1960s

1980s experienced a growth spurt

Now played worldwide in over 30 countries

Canada & US have the most female hockey players and the most talented ones

Ontario alone has more than 40,000

Chick’s Play Hockey Too..
international ice hockey federation
Founded in 1908

Original members

Great Britain






1900 Berlin

Feb 4, 1897

Berliner Schlittschuh Club 1st association

1912 won their first championship

International Ice Hockey Federation
  • After WWI, Germany was excluded from IIHF
  • Allowed again in 1927 to participate in IIHF
  • Some of the most talented hockey players in the NHL are European

  • West Germany
  • started in 1974 in Bavaria
  • Took 8 years to form 1st official ladies hockey league in Germany which was in North-Rhine Westfalia.
  • This league was founded in 1982 by Dr. Gunther Sabetzki and Mr. Wolfgang Sorge.
  • In the first season, 5 teams played for the North-Rhine Westfalia Championship
  • The league has grown since then.
  • May 1984 – 1st Ladies Hockey Championship in Germany
  • National team formed in 1988-89
  • Won the bronze medal at the first European Championship held in April 1989.
germanhockey net
  • 15 teams
  • Founded in the 1930s
  • Club teams
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