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Great People

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Great People
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  1. Great People 06级本科1A班 小组成员 陈龙 姚好 吴晨 沈杰 王乃东


  3. …with dreams of success on the baseball diamond

  4. Childhood • As a kid Michael loved baseball. He played pitcher for his school team. Michael Jordan’s team was in the final game of the season, the championship. Michael threw a 1-hitter and became MVP of his team. Since he was MVP, he won a scholarship to baseball camp. He was pretty good in school too. He never missed a day of 3rd grade and received a perfect attendance certificate. When Michael was 14, his baseball team went undefeated in the Babe Ruth league.

  5. High School and College • Michael Jordan attended Lanley high school. At 5’10” he tried out for the varsity basketball. But people said, “Your too small. You would never make the team.” He made the junior varsity team and practiced hard. By his senior year, he sprouted to 6’5” and made varsity. Mike went to college at North Carolina University. He played with many future NBA players such as Sam Perkins, Joe Wolf, and Brad Daugherty. North Carolina was one of the top college teams when Michael was on it.

  6. Rookie Season • Michael Jordan the 6’6” guard was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. He was the the 3rd pick of the NBA draft in 1984, right after Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie. He won the rookie of the year award and he was the only player that season to score 10 points or more every game. Michael Jordan had a great season, but the Bulls did not win a championship. Michael’s Rookie Season Stats G P AVG REBAVG ASTAVG 82 2,313 28.2 6.5 5.9

  7. Championships 1-3 1991 NBA Finals. Michael Jordan and the Bulls were playing Magic Johnson and the Lakers. They won and Michael won his first ever NBA championship. Michael was crying with his father after the game. (SEE PICTURE) They won against the Blazers for there second strait title in ’92. They Three-peated for there 3rd in a row in 1993 against the Phoenix Suns.

  8. Baseball • Michael Jordan retired after his 3rd championship and tried out for the Chicago White Sox. They sent him to their minor league team, the Birmingham Barons in Alabama. He played right field. Michael batted .202 with 3 home runs, 51 RBIs, and 30 stolen bases. In 1995, Michael retired from baseball because he missed basketball.

  9. I'm Back In the 1994-1995 season, Michael made millions of fans happy with just two words: “I’M BACK!” Michael returned, but he had to wear jersey #45 because his #23 jersey was retired. That season Mike played 17 games, scored 457 points, and averaged 26.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 5.3 assists.

  10. Championships 4-6 The year after Michael returned the Bulls won the championship against the Seattle SuperSonics. They then won one in ’96-’97, and ’97-’98, both against the Utah Jazz. Michael was the MVP of all 6 championships

  11. Retirement Michael Jordan retired in 1999 after a great career. But he would have a very surprising comeback in year 2001

  12. Wizards-I'm back, AGAIN! Michael had played the game of basketball for too long. He missed all the action and excitement, so he joined the Washington D.C. Wizards and continued playing. Then he retired, for the final time, right after the 2002-2003 season.

  13. Awards • Michael Jordan received many awards in his great career. He won 10 scoring titles, 6 NBA final MVP trophies, the “Rookie of the year” award, two gold medals in the Olympics, two slam dunk competitions, 3 all-star game MVP awards, and many other excellent awards.

  14. All-Star games • Mike entered many all-star games. In February 1997 Michael became the first player to ever score a triple-double in an all-star game. He had 14 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. He won 3 all-star game MVP awards during his career too.

  15. Olympics- Barcelona and L.A. • Michael played for the USA’s Olympic basketball team twice. The USA won gold both times. In 1984 Mike played in Los Angeles. In the game for the gold medal, Michael scored 20 points to lead USA over Spain, 96-65. After receiving the gold medal, he gave it to his mom. Although he wore numbers 23 and 45 in the NBA, he wore number 9 on both Olympic teams. Then in 1992, they played in Barcelona, Spain and won gold. This time in the gold medal game Michael Jordan scored 22 points as USA beat Croatia 117-85. They won gold again! Since they were so good, they became known as the dream team.

  16. Space Jam! • Michael is not only a basketball star, he is a movie star too. He starred in the movie “Space Jam.” The characters from looney toons such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Liola Bunny, all act along with Michael Jordan to try and keep aliens from keeping them as prisoners in their stupid amusement park. The aliens get super basketball powers from Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley. The aliens challenge them to a basketball game and if the aliens win Michael and all the Looney Toons are prisoners for the rest of their lives. But if the Looney Tunes win they get to be free.

  17. Family Now • “His Airness” married Junita Vanoy Jordan. They have 3 kids, Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. All his kids have December birthdays! Jeffrey was born in 1988, Marcus in 1990, and Jasmine in 1992.

  18. Conclusion I think Michael Jordan will be entered into the Naismith Memorial basketball hall-of-fame, don’t you? After a 14-season career Michael Jordan was probably the greatest basketball player that ever lived.

  19. Michael Jordan: “The Greatest of All-Time”

  20. But destined for greatness on the basketball court

  21. A Champion After 8 years of struggling, Michael finally won 6 world championships in a span of 8 years, being retired for 1 and a half seasons between.