Climate change
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Climate Change. OUCH!. LIGHT. The sun shines out light this light goes to the earth. A part of the light that goes to the earth stays at the earth and turns into heat. Some of that heat made at the earth goes back into space. . Light. Heat.

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Climate change


The sun shines out light this light goes to the earth.

A part of the light that goes to the earth stays at the earth and turns into heat.

Some of that heat made at the earth goes back into space.



So basically
So basically... heat on earth.

we burn fossil fuels to make energy. When we burn fossil fuels we produce more and more Green House Gases. Green house gasses ,such as carbon dioxide, trap some of the heat the sun produces. We are making more green house gasses and trapping more and more heat.

Every day!!!!!

This is what is causing

CLIMAT Change!!!!!!

Can t trees help us

Can’t trees help us??? heat on earth.

Climate change
WHY? heat on earth.

Poor trees!


Climate change consequences
Climate Change Consequences heat on earth.

  • Artic glaciers are melting

  • Extreme weather will be the new normal

  • Coral reefs are dying

  • Temperatures are rising

  • Sea levels are rising

Climate change

Glaciers Melting!!! heat on earth.

Glaciers in switzerland are melting
Glaciers in Switzerland Are Melting!!!!!!! heat on earth.

  • A couple of weeks ago we went and visited the Stein Glacier in Switzerland. This is what we saw.

How are land glaciers made
How are Land Glaciers Made? heat on earth.

  • In cold places, like the tops of mountains, snow slowly builds up into large piles. The bottom layer slowly gets compressed (or pushed down) and turned into ice. More snow builds up and more and more ice is made. The ice at the bottom slowly melts and gets turned into slush. The whole ice pile slowly beings to slide about 2cm a year and grows about 4cm a year as well. Then you’ve got your self a glacier!

  • But sadly, because of Global Warming and Climate Change, Glaciers all over the world are melting FAST.

What does a glacier do why are they so cool
What does a Glacier Do? Why are they so Cool? heat on earth.

  • A glacier is an amazing natural element. It is a true example of how strong the 4 elements are. (The 4 elements are fire, wind, water, and earth) The power of a glacier can make a valley and even a new landscape.

  • Stage 1: The first change that occurs in a glacier is the plucking and picking away of boulders and rocks as the glacier moves down a mountain. It does this with the melting water. The ice melts during the day and runs into crakes in the mountain, during the night the water freezes and expands (gets bigger). Making the crakes in the mountain bigger. During the day more water runs into the cracks and during the night the cracks in the mountain get bigger and bigger, until large chunks/boulders split from the earth/mountain and get slowly pulled down the valley with/inside the glacier.

The second stage of glaciers and why they are so coooool
The second stage of Glaciers and why they are so heat on earth. COOOOOl!!!!!

  • Stage 2: As the boulders get dragged down the mountain, they scrape and scratch along the surface of the mountain, smoothing or scratching the rocky surface of the mountain. So, the glacier sort of acts like one giant piece of sand paper working its way down the valley.

  • When the glacier begins to melt large boulders are left behind. Small rocks and gravel that were pushed along in front or at the sides are left as well, these piles of sediment are called terminal moraine. This all gives us proof that a glacier once covered this area.

  • This affect glaciers have on the landscape is pretty AWSOME, and shows how amazingly strong and powerful glaciers are.

Our trip to the stein glacier
Our trip to the Stein Glacier! heat on earth.

  • When the grade 8 went to visit the Stein Glacier last year, they said they were able to walk on the glacier. This year we were not allowed to because of the increase In Crevasses (big cracks in the ice) and because the glaciers from had melted and changed so much from the year before.

  • We recorded the amount of water that was melting on the glacier and the amount of streams there were, and lets just say that the Glacier is melting a lot every day.

  • Where we were standing, the Stein Glacier once covered over 20 meters higher over our heads, now all remains is a lake from the amount water that is melting off the glacier. All in the time of 20 years.

What is the proof that the stein glacier was bigger
What is the proof that the Stein Glacier was Bigger? heat on earth.

  • We could see piles of terminal moraine (the sediment carried with glacier).

  • We could see scraped and smoothed rocks that had been form and changed due to glaciers moving through the valley.

  • We could also see large boulders in random places.

An example of a grounded boulder.

An example of Terminal Moraine

An example of a smoothed and cut rock.

Help stop climate change and save your future world

Help stop climate change and save your future world!!!!! heat on earth.

The End  I hope you enjoyed our presentation.