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Caller Story 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Caller Story 1

Caller Story 1

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Caller Story 1

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  1. Caller Story 1 • A 26 year old caller contacted 2-1-1 looking for help. She explained that she has no children and assumed there was no assistance for adults with no children. The caller explained that she was laid off and is struggling with bills, but has job skills and want to find work. The Call Specialist described various resources, including CalFresh and employment programs, in addition to food pantries. • Caller Story 2 • A 60 year old grandmother in San Jose contacted 2-1-1 and explained that she is caring for her two grandchildren and that they live in Section 8 housing. The caller was worried that she may end up losing her home due to her grandson’s behavior. He had been spraying graffiti on and around her home and throwing rowdy parties in her home that included underage drinking and possibly illegal drug use. She hasn’t been able to get him to calm down and doesn’t want to kick him out, but she is worried that she will lose her housing and end up homeless. The Call Specialist described various programs and provided referrals for the programs the caller was most interested in.

  2. What is 2-1-1 Santa Clara County? • For everyday needs: • 2-1-1 connects people to more than 500 health and human service agencies. • Free and confidential, • 24 hours a day, 7 days per week • 170+ languages • Live, professional call specialist • Quick, accurate information during disasters or public health crisis • In times of disaster: • A provider of information relating to disaster response and disaster recovery

  3. 2-1-1 in everyday circumstances What information do callers receive? • Basic Human Needs:Food, clothing, shelter, rent and utility assistance, foreclosure prevention • Employment Services:Job search assistance, unemployment benefits, financial assistance, job training and development • Support for Children and Families:Childcare, homework assistance, after school programs, recreation, mentoring, protective services • Support for Seniors and Person with Disabilities:Transportation, meals, independent living workshops, home health care, adult day care, respite care • Physical and Mental Health Resources:Support groups, crisis intervention, drug and alcohol counseling, community clinics,health education, immunizations • Legal Assistance:Legal aid and counseling

  4. Examples of 2-1-1 Calls A senior citizen wanting home care support in order to live independently A homeless person seeking shelter, or to have a hot meal A family facing eviction and needing housing options A recent immigrant needing language and employment training A pregnant woman seeking information about prenatal care A laid-off worker wanting to find out about employment insurance A family searching for child-care services in their community or close to work A concerned neighbor trying to help a friend in an abusive relationship A family trying to find services for their son with a newly-diagnosed illness A person feeling stressed and suicidal

  5. 2-1-1 Santa Clara County Usage Top ways residents hear about 2-1-1 SCC: 1.) Agency 2.) Brochure 3.) Friend or Family 4. ) Radio or TV 5. ) Presentations/Events 26,667 Calls (2011 CY) Female Callers = 54%, Male Callers = 19%, Decline to answer = 27% (2012 CY)

  6. 2-1-1 Santa Clara County Usage (cont.)

  7. 2-1-1 Santa Clara County Usage (cont.)

  8. 2-1-1 Santa Clara County Usage (cont.)

  9. What’s New?2-1-1 Collaboration with Second Harvestand Santa Clara County Social Services 2-1-1 conducts food stamp outreach to callers who are requesting assistance for basic needs: housing, utilities, food If caller is interested, we ask basic screening questions If caller may qualify, we refer to Second Harvest, who helps to prepare the application and assist with making an application appointment with Social Services Goal of program: to increase food stamp usage to qualified households in Santa Clara County by assisting the applicant in the application process.


  11. Supporters of 211 SCC United Way Silicon Valley County of Santa Clara Cities FIRST 5 Kaiser Permanente Agilent Koret Foundation IBM PG&E …and others.

  12. References • 2-1-1 Santa Clara • Statewide 2-1-1: • National 2-1-1: • Calls from outside county: 866-896-3587 • TTY: 866-390-6845 • Materials (brochures, 211 cards): • Richard Vega, • 211 Program Manager 408-345-4341