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Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1

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Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1. June 18, 2014. Webinar Purpose and Agenda. Purpose Bring together subject matter experts on the topic and allow them to share experiences, practices and insights

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Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1

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    1. Advanced Distribution Automation Systems Discussion Topic -- Webinar #1 June 18, 2014

    2. Webinar Purpose and Agenda • Purpose • Bring together subject matter experts on the topic and allow them to share experiences, practices and insights • Today’s subject: Advanced Distribution Automation Systems – Where are We? • Today’s Agenda • Introductions • Overview of questions to be answered through our three webinars on this topic • Deliverables and Schedule of Events • Background on Advanced DA Topic, including a review of information collected through the main T&D survey questionnaire • Webinar #1: Input from all participating companies • Next Steps

    3. Detailed Discussion Topic Process Leader’s Conference Webinar: Set Plan Discussion Topic Plan Webinar: Review Plan Discussion Webinars • Primary Purpose • Plan 2014 Program • Determine Discussion Topics • Review Questionnaire • Deliverables • Discussion Topics to pursue • Draft Questionnaire • Primary Purpose • Flesh out Discussion Topic and expectations • Deliverables • Schedule of events • Interview questions • Identify questions in core questionnaire that provide information • Plan analysis • Deliverables expected • Primary Purpose • Review Discussion Topic Plan for alignment with utility expectations • Primary Purpose • Run a series of webinars that brings together subject matter experts on the topic and allows them to share practices and insights Review Meeting Discussion Webinars Insights Conference On-site Presentations • Primary Purpose • Discussion groups on Discussion Topics • Review analysis so far • Actions/Deliverables • Group Discussions • Analysis and synthesis of data • Presentations • Primary Purpose • Review results of discussion group • Prepare for Insights Conference • Primary Purpose • Share learning • Actions/Deliverables • Presentations by stand-out companies • Analysis/synthesis of data • Discussion groups • Action Steps • Using the analysis template

    4. Overview of Advanced DA Webinars – Questions to be answered Webinar #1 Where are We? Today Webinar #2 How Did We Get Here? June 25 (at DRC) Webinar #3 Where are We Going? June 26 (at DRC) • Planned installations over next 5 years • Pilots • Widespread • Expected costs • Business cases • Regulatory or legislative mandates • Integration with other asset management plans • Technologies now in place • Pilots • Widespread • Customer impact and acceptance • Integration levels • Time in service • Documented benefits • Driving forces • Evaluation of progress • Biggest obstacles encountered • System performance issues • Organization and staffing impacts

    5. Discussion Topic Deliverables • Recordings and summaries of all webinar discussions • Listing or presentation of key insights/practices or “learning” gleaned from the webinars • Presentations of practices/ initiatives from companies

    6. Schedule of Events: Advanced DA Discussion Topic • Dates Time Webinar Topic TodayNow Webinar #1: Where Are We? Data Review Conference: June 2511am PT/2pm ET Webinar #2: How Did We Get Here? June 26 11am PT/2pm ET Webinar #3: Where Are We Going? Insights Conference: AugustSummary of results from all three webinarsCompany presentations with practice examples

    7. Background • We conducted Research Topics on “Intelligent Grid” in 2008 and “Distribution Automation” in 2011. • Information on what our panel companies have been doing in this area has been collected annually through the main T&D benchmarking survey • On the surface, our panel companies do not seem to be progressing as quickly in implementing advanced distribution automation systems as was anticipated several years ago • This year, we have made some modifications to the questionnaire and are also conducting three discussion topic webinars to better understand: • What our companies have accomplished to date through their DA initiatives • What obstacles and challenges our companies have encountered while implementing these systems • The specific goals, plans and business cases that will be driving activity in this area over the next several years

    8. Summary of 2010-2013 T&D Questionnaire Responses on “Top 5* Smart Grid Technologies” Since 2012, half or more of responding companies have been working with AMI Smart Meters, Remote Switching, Voltage/VAR Control andintegrated DMS/OMS systems. Also, more than a third were pursuing AMI/DMS Integration, Automated Capacitor Controls and Distributed Generation Integration *This table shows the percent of responding companies reporting that a technology was “in the Top 5” of technologies being worked on

    9. (Responses from 7 companies) 2014 Survey – Preliminary Results The 2014 questionnaire requests more complete information on technology status . More than 70% of the responding companies have now installed the technologies shaded in dark blue and more than 40% have installed the technologies shaded in light blue * This table shows the percent of responding companies reporting each technology at each status level

    10. Gaps in Our Understanding • The benchmarking survey provides a great deal of information, but leaves some major gaps in our understanding of the DA topic. In particular, we want to know more about: • Why companies have chosen to implement (or not implement) the various technologies • The level of customer acceptance of the technologies • How well the installed technologies are performing • How/whether the various technologies have been integrated • What benefits have been achieved and documented • What obstacles, if any, are hindering the implementation of these technologies • What impact the technologies have had or are expected to have on company staffing requirements • What is each company’s overall business case for moving forward The year’s webinars are designed to fill in the above gaps

    11. Advanced DA Discussion Topic Scope • Functions: • Remote Monitoring & Control of Feeder Devices (Breakers, Switches, Sectionalizers, Reclosers) • Automated Fault Location & Fault Isolation between Feeder Devices • Automatic Restoration via Centralized or Field Localized Intelligence • Remote Monitoring & Control of Capacitors • Automatic Voltage & VAR Control at the Circuit Level • Automatic Protection Reconfiguration • Remote Monitoring & Control of Customer Load Shedding (Demand Response) • Distribution Transformer Monitoring • Remote Monitoring & Control of Distributed Generation • Integration of Distributed Storage (batteries) • Automatic Islanding and Resynchronization • Real‐Time Communications from the Utility to the Customer • Related Systems: • GIS • OMS • DMS • AMI • Demand Response

    12. System Integration Model

    13. Webinar #1: Where Are We? Please answer the following questions about the current status of DA technologies at your company : • What specific DA functions/systems are now installed and operational at your company: • On a pilot or limited basis? • On a wide-scale basis? Why were these specific functions/systems implemented as opposed to others in the overall scope of the DA topic (see page 11)? • Approximately what % of your customers are now impacted by DA functions/systems? What is their level of acceptance? • How long have these DA functions/systems been in service? Are any due for replacement? • What benefits have been achieved and documented? • To what extent have you integrated the various systems that support DA?

    14. Next Steps • 1QC will prepare notes of today’s webinar discussions. These notes and an audio recording of the webinar will be posted to the 1QC website no later than Tuesday, June 24 • All company representatives who participated today are strongly encouraged to participate in the next two webinars: • These webinars will be conducted on June 25 and 26, during the Data Review Conference in Nashville, TN. (see last page for entire conference schedule) • If you are not attending the conference in person and have not already registered for the Advanced DA webinars, please go to the 1QC events website to do so (one registration required for entire series of webinars on this topic) •

    15. Data Review Conference Agenda • .

    16. Thank you for your Input and Participation! Your Presenters Ken BuckstaffKen.Buckstaff@1QConsulting.com310-922-0783 Dave Canon 817-980-7909 Dave Carter 414-881-8641 Debi McLain Debi.McLain@1QConsulting.com760-272-7277 Tim. 301-535-0590 About 1QC First Quartile Consulting is a utility-focused consultancy providing a full range of consulting services including continuous process improvement, change management, benchmarking and more. You can count on a proven process that assesses and optimizes your resources, processes, leadership management and technology to align your business needs with your customer’s needs. Visit us at | Follow our updates on LinkedIn Satellite Offices Corporate Offices California 400 Continental Blvd. Suite 600El Segundo, CA 90245(310) 426-2790 Maryland 3 Bethesda Metro Center Suite 700Bethesda, MD 20814(301) 961-1505 New York | Texas | Washington | Wisconsin