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ESC NFI Standards project

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ESC NFI Standards project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESC NFI Standards project. Shelter Centre, CARE, NRC, UNHCR, IFRC & UN/OCHA. Project overview. Shelter Centre was asked by the Emergency Shelter Cluster (ESC) to support standard setting and climatic design Shelter Centre is leading the development

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esc nfi standards project

ESC NFI Standards project

Shelter Centre, CARE, NRC, UNHCR, IFRC & UN/OCHA


Project overview

Shelter Centre was asked by the Emergency Shelter Cluster (ESC) to support standard setting and climatic design

Shelter Centre is leading the development

Current partners include CARE International, NRC, UNHCR, IFRC and UN/OCHA


Project overview: Interim report

An interim report was recently distributed to project members, outlining the progress made by project partners so far, and outlining the work to be undertaken in the coming months

The progress made by project partners is outlined on the following slides


Standards setting for most common NFIs

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has derived a series of Emergency Shelter Cluster Standards for major shelter NFIs from existing agency specifications, by listing all specifications in a matrix, finding commonalities and developing a range


Blanket specification fromAgency 1

Blanket specification fromAgency 2

Blanket specification fromAgency 3


NFI kits

CAREInternational has derived a series of ESC shelter NFI kits by researching how NFI kits are combined and distributed, and defining a series of core shelter NFI distribution packages


Climatic guidance for NFI distributions

As well as leading the project, Shelter Centre has drafted a preliminary table of contents for the supporting guidance on climatic variations

Shelter Centre is consulting with the WASH cluster and other major agencies involved with NFIs in order to maximise impact and prevent duplication


Preliminary draft contents for guidelines

Part I Common emergency shelter and Non-Food Items standards

Chapter 1 Specifying and distributing household and shelter Non- Food Items

1.1 Assessing needs for NFIs

1.2 Procurement

1.3 Distribution

Chapter 2 Listing of currently available catalogues

Chapter 3 Listing of currently available shelter stockpiles

Chapter 4 Listing of Non-Food Items

4.1 Household NFIs

4.2 Shelter NFIs

Chapter 5 Shelter kits and packages

5.1 Commonly used shelter kits

5.2 Commonly used shelter packages

Part II Guidelines for climatic variations

Chapter 6 Cultural and climatic conditions

6.1 Climatic considerations when selecting NFIs

6.2 Climatic considerations when composing and integrating kits


Questions for the breakout group

Put the feedback forms in the box, or return them to a volunteer!


What other considerations should be included in the guidelines?

What should be included in shelter NFI kits?

Which other stakeholders should be consulted?