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Rindge Chamber Web Site Member Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Rindge Chamber Web Site Member Benefits

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Rindge Chamber Web Site Member Benefits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rindge Chamber Web Site Member Benefits
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  1. Rindge Chamber Web Site Member Benefits Rindge Chamber Breakfast Toah Nipi September 15, 2010 PO Box 911 Rindge, NH 03461 Phone: (603) 899-5051 Web site: www.rindgechamber.org E-mail: info@rindgechamber.org

  2. Rindge Chamber Web Site Redesignwww.RindgeChamber.org

  3. Web Site Facts • The Rindge Chamber Web site is among the first results of a Google search for Rindge NH. • Over 100 people visit the Rindge Chamber Web site each week for a total of 800 page views. • Membership directory profiles, a free benefit for all members, are the most frequently viewed content on the site.

  4. Member Web Benefits • Upcoming events listings and information • Current and past issues of the Rindge Connection • Online membership application • Free Membership Directory listing • Google map feature helps customers get to your business. • New this fall, a member login feature allows you to update your listing and add unlimited text describing your business or organization. • E-mail feature allows potential clients/customers to contact you without exposing your e-mail address.

  5. Upcoming Events

  6. Newsletter Archives

  7. Online Membership Application

  8. Membership Directory Listing

  9. Map and Member Details Potential customers can click here to e-mail you without exposing your address Members can now add unlimited text about their business or organization.

  10. E-mail Feature E-mails are stored on site and can be accessed by logging in to your profile

  11. Login Information • Two ways to get a username and password (once logged in, you can change your username and password): • Select today (password must be at least 6 characters). • E-mail info@rindgechamber any time to request a username and password. • Click “Members Only” link and log in at http://rindgechamber.org.wehostwebsites.com/members/.

  12. Access Member Login Click here to access member login screen

  13. Member Log In

  14. Successful Log In

  15. Edit Membership Information

  16. Add Member Details

  17. Member to Member Benefits

  18. Chamber Logo As an active member, you can add the Rindge Chamber logo to your business or organization Web site or printed materials

  19. Questions or Comments?