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Pride Reporting Initiatives Beta Pilot Program Launch PowerPoint Presentation
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Pride Reporting Initiatives Beta Pilot Program Launch

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Pride Reporting Initiatives Beta Pilot Program Launch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pride Reporting Initiatives Beta Pilot Program Launch. Reminder of Goals & Progress. Goals. Progress. Simplify the reporting process Make reporting align to management actions Have some kind of standard reporting system to build a common vocabulary

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Presentation Transcript

Reminder of Goals & Progress



  • Simplify the reporting process
  • Make reporting align to management actions
  • Have some kind of standard reporting system to build a common vocabulary
  • Reporting system must have some consistent standard and frameworks that go from campaign-level to cohort to region to Rare (3Cs) to avoid duplication of work
  • Frequency of reporting may vary from weekly data points, to monthly, to quarterly based on how often data really changes
  • Align to the Rare and Departmental BSC as much as possible to reduce complexity
  • Clarified the 3C language on existing Weekly Flash Reports
  • Removed RarePlanet supporters from the Pride Scorecard
  • Agreed to continue to use the 3Cs framework
  • Agreed to focus on linking to the BSC
  • Agreed to dramatically reduce the size of the Weekly Flash Report
  • Agreed to focus on a monthly reporting structure
  • Regional meetings create draft actionable metrics
  • Designing data export features from RarePlanet
  • Alpha version of Weekly Flash Reports and Pride Scorecards complete
  • Generally align on piloting process
original project roadmap
Original Project Roadmap
  • Consensus
    • System– does not meet our reporting and project management
    • We need a standard template for core activities
    • We want some regional flexibility
  • Clear Requirements
  • Core defined
  • Openness to additional features
  •  Charter a Team
  • Clear Scope: well defined, tangible, actionable
  • Clear Roles: advisory group + deciders + doer
  • Clear Ownership: to VPs

Current Phase

  • Team Meeting
  • Confirmed roles
  • Confirmed requirements
  • Developed design principals
  • Confirmed timelines
  • Development
  • Rapid prototype
  • Validation meeting
  • Improvement
  • Validation meeting
  • Improvement
  • Test (multi-users)
  • Review and Decide
  • Launch
  • Support
  • Imbedded instructions in tool
  • Manual
  • TBD – integrated into CM training
  • TBD – continuous improvement

TBD - Improvements


Today’s Focus: Piloting Process

  • Weekly Flash Reports & Monthly Pride Scorecards
  • Key Proposed Changes to the Weekly Flash Report
  • Much shorter
  • Revised language around compliance with campaign agreements
  • Focus on project status vs. monthly goals
  • Only asks next steps overall (not by 3Cs)
  • Links to Prideforce comments
  • Key Proposed Changes to the Pride Scorecard
  • Tighter alignment to the DBSC – completing Pride Scorecard creates an input to DBSC
  • PPMs are expected to complete a monthly report
  • Mix of checklist and scoring
  • Each question is intended to drive specific actions
  • All inputs can be easily exported to Excel
  • Things that Stay the Same
  • Main tool for data collection is still RarePlanet
  • We will still do partner surveys and support visit reports that link to Pride Scorecard
  • Regions will still have their own cohort-level reporting system

Ideal Reporting Process








  • Work Plan + RarePlanet
  • Weekly Calls / Support Visits
    • Project Management Issues
    • Technical Issues
  • Weekly Flash Reports
  • Pride Scorecard
  • Cohort Tracking Tool
  • Regular Meetings
  • Pride Scorecard
  • Cohort Tracking Tool
  • CPP / Cohort Issues

Data Flows Via RarePlanet

Results Shared with QMI, Dale, LT, Board


How This System Supports Cohort Reports

Weekly Flash







Fully Exportable from RarePlanet to Excel

(In development November)

Exports TBD

  • Manual (For Now) input into cohort management tools / Report
  • Recommend posting these to monthly accessible space

Why Pilot

What is Pilot?

Key Benefits

  • Serving as a tentative model for future experiment or development: a pilot project.
  • Serving or leading as guide.
  • Source:
  • Understand how the process mechanics may work
  • Correct any misunderstandings
  • Generate list of key training / support needs
  • Identify key supporting activities
  • Test understanding of process, definitions, actions
  • Allow PPMs/Cohort Directors to use it in a practice mode
  • Enable comparing / contrasting outcomes with the old system
  • Ensure participation

Who Pilots

  • Essential that key stakeholders are involved

What the Pilot Looks Like

Pilot Process About Two Months



Review & Decide

Build System


  • Regional Pilot
  • What questions need clarification
  • What is missing or duplicative
  • How do these new criteria change:
  • PPM & Rare behaviors
  • CF activities
  • Implementation partner activities
  • Is this system better, or just different
  • Midcourse corrections - tweak
  • Team Review
  • How different are results
  • Have we met our design goals
  • Is this system better, or just different


1. Feedback: Great!

Next Step: Design & launch

Generated Metrics

Process to Date

2. Feedback: Small Issues

Next Step: Revise, Design & launch

Set Objective

3. Feedback: Big Issues

Next Step: Revise, Test Design & launch

4. Feedback: Failure

Next Step: Revamp project


Barrier Removal Strategy

  • What tools are needed to overcome barrier to adoption and make this successful?

The purpose of the reporting system is to support behaviors that will

improve campaigns. What is needed to support sustained behavior change?

Supporting Activity

Potential Outcomes

  • Recommend that the PPMs / TMT Provide feedback on:
    • What actions are being driven by the report
    • What changes need to be made to make sure these actions are viable, e.g.:
      • Better training for PPMs
      • Clearer escalation to Cohort Director or VP
      • Local partner engagement activities
      • CM training
  • Vice Presidents should map out their desired reporting and outcomes
  • Training materials
  • Better instructions on RarePlanet
  • Clearer roles and responsibilities

Proposed Timeline for Pilot

Exact dates Region by Region

guad proposal for new ideas conservation
Guad Proposal for New Ideas - Conservation
  • Brainstorming ideas of conservation metrics
  • Proxies (sub results)
  • Follow up on biological indicators measurement
  • Follow up on LAP to be monitoring CR indicators
  • Communicate with monitoring partners
  • Follow up on BROP development
  • Finding
  • There is still big gap between Departmental Balance Score Card and Pride Score Card also between Pride Score Card and Individual Balance Score Card. Pride balance score card mainly assess progress based on subjectivity of the PPM and lacking verifiers that justify the assessment.
  • Current Pride balance scorecard is mainly based on coincident performance metric and does not yet reflect the actual condition of the campaign, we will need to have some additional lagging and leading performance metric.
  • A good performance metric should at least meet three criteria, i.e. simple, accurate and reliable, while some of current performance metric (Pride balance scorecard) are less accurate and reliable.
meeting with amielle
Meeting with Amielle
  • Good to align with BSC and RBSC
  • Focus on modifying:
  • “Assessment Towards Progress on Conservation Goals” to:
    • Assessment Towards Progress on Biological Monitoring Plan
    • Assessment Towards Progress on Threat Reduction PlanThese should be assessed by the relevant expert within the region
    • Amielle can help develop a template
  • She suggest we document the “extras” that campaigns do:
    • Help develop Bright Spots/Signature campaigns
    • Help highlight other sources of success

We should do the fundraising DBSC as a capacity measure / constituency measure?