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Lairhillock. Sustainable Village. Update on proposals. Development Plan clarity Amended, more detailed proposal Issues raised at last meeting Commitment to community. Roads and Transport. AWPR – Links with Elsick proposals Bus Service Traffic Assessment. Traffic Assessment.

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Sustainable Village

Update on proposals
Update on proposals

  • Development Plan clarity

  • Amended, more detailed proposal

  • Issues raised at last meeting

  • Commitment to community

Roads and transport
Roads and Transport

  • AWPR – Links with Elsick proposals

  • Bus Service

  • Traffic Assessment

Traffic assessment
Traffic Assessment

  • Assessment carried out in February 2010

  • Analysis of existing junctions

  • Analysis and detailed discussion with Aberdeenshire Council on bridge

  • Analysis of potential bus stops and access

Traffic assessment1
Traffic Assessment

  • The following stages were required to assess the potential traffic impact from the development

  • Base conditions – collected by onsite survey work

  • Development Trip Generation (accepted standards – TRICS database)

  • Development Trip Distribution (Census data)

  • Model Building/Testing (both a bass model – existing situation, and a scenario test model, showing the road network after development

Traffic assessment2
Traffic Assessment

  • The scenario test model showed the existing road network to have substantial capacity

  • Junction improvements are required to bring the network up to the currently required standards, but these improvements are easily deliverable

  • A formalisation of the priority system at the bridge will be an improvement on the current situation

  • The junction improvements and the proposed bus stops will be of benefit to existing road users

  • Access to the school will become safer through improvements

  • Details of traffic modelling to be incorporated onto our website as soon as possible


We feel that we have produced a design concept that will enhance peoples living environment, giving them a sense of place, while encouraging both existing and new residents to develop within the new community.

Landscape impact
Landscape Impact

Existing agricultural landscape

No wildlife or conservation designations

Does not impact on Core Path Network

Landscape impact1
Landscape Impact

Topography limits long distance views of site

Landscape impact2
Landscape Impact

Limited middle distance views

Landscape impact3
Landscape Impact

Close distance views from local road network and adjacent buildings mitigated by attractive landscape design

Landscape framework
Landscape Framework

Landscape is critical to ensure that the development ‘fits’ with the character of the area

No harsh features, fences etc.

Landscape framework1
Landscape Framework

Concentration on native species

Use of rural hedgerows and tree belts

Burnside park

Community landscape
Community Landscape


Community orchard

Hedgerows and tree belts

Footpath network

Connectivity with School

Traditional village green

Community landscape1
Community Landscape


Community Orchard

Village Green

Strategic Landscaping

Children’s Play Area

Potential School Project


  • Ground Conditions

  • Environment

  • Flood Risk Assessment

  • Pipeline Constraints

  • Water

  • Gas

  • Electric

  • Foul Drainage

  • Surface Water Drainage

Major applications process
Major Applications Process

  • Met with Aberdeenshire Council Planners and technical consultees on 7th April 2010

  • Generally positive response

  • Attractive, innovative layout, favouring pedestrians and community ‘sense of place’

  • Affordable housing preferred as ‘low cost home ownership’ mixed through the development. 25% of overall development.

  • Planning Gain package

  • Available school capacity, interest in allotments and community orchard ideas

  • No technical constraints


  • Sensitive village style development

  • Supporting local school roll

  • Maintaining a rural character

  • Providing a ‘community’ with community facilities for new and existing residents

  • Landscape and access improvements – burnside park, footpaths, cycle routes

  • Allotments and community orchard

  • Deliverable and highly sustainable


Thank You