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Statway. The Journey Continues. The Need for Statway. For every FOUR MATD 0370 students who continue to MATH 1342 (Elementary Statistics), ONE passes This means for many students, Elementary Algebra is not good enough preparation for Elementary Statistics.

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The Journey Continues

The need for statway
The Need for Statway

For every FOUR MATD 0370 students who continue to MATH 1342 (Elementary Statistics), ONE passes

  • This means for many students, Elementary Algebra is not good enough preparation for Elementary Statistics.

  • Intermediate Algebra does not provide any additional benefit to these students.

The need for statway1
The Need for Statway

  • Statway teaches math in a Statistics context right from the beginning. Students practice analyzing data and writing complete analytical solutions instead of simply practicing more quantitative calculations.

  • MATD 0385, though currently filling this role for non-TSI complete students, is more suited to preparing students for MATH 1332.

  • Statway has the potential to work a lot better for our humanities and social science students and this makes it worth trying!

Options for offering statway
Options for offering Statway

  • MATH 1342 Option

    Semester 1: 4 hours MATD “Math for Stats I”

    Semester 2: MATH 1342 (Elementary Statistics) +1 hour MATD “Math for Stats II”

  • Unique Needs Option

    Semester 1: 1 hour MATH “Descriptive Statistics” + 3 hours MATD “Math for Stats I”

    Semester 2: 2 hours MATH “Inferential Statistics” + 2 hours MATD “Math for Stats II”

1 math 1342 option
1. MATH 1342 Option

  • MATH 1342 and a 1 hour MATD (“Math for Stat II”) for any additional developmental topics to support learning statistics, whose prerequisite is…

  • New 4 hour developmental course, “Math for Stat I”, to cover the developmental math topics from Statway (with assumption that students from Math for Stat I will all continue to a Statway 1342 section)

    First: 4hours MATD

    Second:3hours MATH 1342 + 1hour MATD

    Advantage: Transferability is guaranteed

2 unique needs option
2. Unique Needs Option

  • Creation of two new College Level courses that split the content of MATH 1342

  • to be paired with MATD each semester (Math for Stat I & II):

    First: 3 hours MATD + 1 hour MATHSecond: 2 hours MATD + 2 hours MATH

    Advantage: Statway Materials can be used as provided

Matd math for stats i
MATD “Math for Stats I”

Course Description (tentative; to be split for the Unique Needs Option):

The first in a two-semester course, to be paired with a designated MATH 1342 section in the second semester. This course surveys a variety of mathematical topics needed to prepare students for the statistical reasoning and data analysis needed in MATH 1342. It also covers most THEA mathematics topics. Topics include: arithmetic with rational numbers; linear models; evaluating expressions and formulas; rates, ratios, and proportions; percentages; solving equations and inequalities; data interpretations including graphs and tables; verbal, algebraic and graphical representations of functions; exponential models; and an introduction to other models, including quadratic, logarithmic, and/or rational.



  • Do we want to move forward and commit to pilot the course?

    • This would be a two-year commitment, with the option to pull out after one year if deemed necessary

  • Do we want to go the MATH 1342 or the Unique Needs Route?

  • Do we want the prerequisite to include High School Algebra II?