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Recognising Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Recognising Europe

Recognising Europe

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Recognising Europe

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  1. Recognising Europe Working with European Partners

  2. Aims of Workshop Provide an update on recent developments with EU partners on Recognising Prior Learning Outcomes The potential for a standardised approach to RPLO To explore why this is necessary and what the potential benefits are for providers? A discussion on how your organisation can get involved in EU projects

  3. RPLO and EU Project Background Information to the EU RPLO project RPL is an alternative route to recognition and not a shortcut. RPL must therefore be an integrated part of a quality-assured assessment process. Assessors in awarding organisations that offer competence-based qualifications routinely conduct assessment of prior learning. The European Guidelines for the validation of non-formal and informal learning describe a broader approach, which would make RPLO more attractive to potential clients and should broaden existing UK practice.

  4. RPLO and EU Project Aims of the project To work collaboratively with EU partners from Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland to introduce a unit of learning as an option and add to the Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. The unit will be partially piloted by Newcastle College. Further research is to be conducted by Cambridge Assessment

  5. RPLO and EU Project Pilot of the unit of learning Newcastle College are to pilot 3 learning outcomes from the unit and test it out on experienced teachers in the first instance. The findings will then help to determine any changes prior to full roll out.

  6. RPLO and EU Project Roll out of the project Once the research and findings have been analysed and evaluated the unit will be offered to other institutions for inclusion in their programmes. Some institutions may wish to offer the unit once it has been added to the option bank via the QCF.

  7. Further information Included in your pack are: Claiming Credit QCA 2008 Outline and definitions of the RPLO project 2009 Literature Review – RPLO Project Cambridge Assessment 2009 A systematic Comparison of Claiming Credit Guidance Cambridge Assessment 2009 For more information, please see: