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Hardwood & softwood HARDWOOD & SOFTWOOD !!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardwood & softwood HARDWOOD & SOFTWOOD !!!

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Hardwood & softwood HARDWOOD & SOFTWOOD !!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hardwood & softwood HARDWOOD & SOFTWOOD !!!. hardwood. Beech Used for furniture and toys. Oak Used for high class furniture.

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  • Beech Used for furniture and toys.
  • Oak Used for high class furniture.
  • Mahogany Used for indoor furniture
  • .
  • Teak Used for outdoor furniture.
  • Balsa Used for light work.
  • Scots pine Used for DIY and cheap furniture.
  • Parana pine Used for good quality knot free furniture.
  • Spruce Used for general indoor work usually white.
  • Yellow cedar Used for furniture and boat building .
facts about trees
Facts About Trees

Trees keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.

One of the tallest soft wood trees is called the General Sherman. It is about 275 ft. or 84 m high.

how to find out the age of a tree
How to find out the age of a tree.

Step one

Cut down the tree

Step two

Count how man rings it has.

Step three

The amount of rings it has is how old the tree is .


What is the main difference between hardwood and softwood trees.

The main difference between hardwood trees and softwood trees is that hardwood trees come from a deciduous tree which loses its leaves annually while softwood comes from conifer which remains evergreen throughout the year.


Oak tree

Evergreen tree

re cycle
  • Softwood can NOT be re-cycled.
  • Hardwood can NOT be re-cycled.
  • Recycling has a lot of benefits and importance. Not only to us humans but especially to our planet and to save the environment as well.
why trees are important
Why trees are important
  • Trees clean the air.
  • Trees provide oxygen.
  • Trees cool the streets and the city.
  • Trees save energy.
  • Trees save water.
  • Trees help prevent water pollution.
  • Trees help prevent soil from wearing away.
  • Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays.

9. Trees provide food.

10. Trees heal.

11. Trees reduce violence.

12. Trees mark the seasons.

13. Trees provide a habitat for wildlife.

14. Trees block things.

15. Trees provide wood.

16. Trees add value to houses.

17. Trees give us paper.

remember d
Remember :D
  • Memory tip: Remember BAD HOTEL!B - BalsaA - AshD -Deciduous
  • H - HardwoodO - OakT - TeakE - ExpensiveL - Loses leaves

Memory tip: Remember Pincers!

P - Pine

I - Indicates

N - Needles

C - Cedar

E- Evergreen

R -Redwood

S- Softwood


the end of soft and hardwoods homework
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  • D.T. Hardwood and softwood home work.