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IT in ESOL RECEPTION. Examples and ideas for implementing IT in a Reception Programme. Reading. Digital books Kindle app (free download) H undreds of free books available. Students can instantly highlight words and search for definitions and references directly via Google.

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it in esol reception


Sophia Panayiodou

Examples and ideas for implementing IT in a Reception Programme

  • Digital books
    • Kindle app (free download)
    • Hundreds of free books available.
    • Students can instantly highlight words and search for definitions and references directly via Google.
    • Useful because students can access books at their level and select topics they are interested in.
    • Effective way of promoting reading for pleasure and increasing reading mileage.
    • Technology they are familiar with.

Sophia Panayiodou

  • a story
  • class dialogue
  • Game or grammar reviews

A blog can be set up through the Wordpress App (free download). Once you have made an account it is a matter of making ‘pages’ which you can dedicate to a story/dialolgue/game and grammar reviews.

Sophia Panayiodou

  • Reviewing apps and websites:
  • A student who is struggling with a particular grammar aspect downloads any relevant apps or searches relevant websites(around 10 or so)
    • Student trials the sites and apps looking for specific criteria e.g difficulty/price/relevance to required content .
    • They then select their top three and compose a review. Giving them an exemplar or review template is useful.
    • Finally they share their opinions with the class. Reviews can also be published in the class blog and links can be pasted so that others can easily access the sites and apps.

Sophia Panayiodou

  • I use NzHeraldOnline (free app or website)- depending on the ability I scaffold the activity by asking students to:
    • Brainstorm a few words that spring to mind when looking at the news photo
    • Write three or four possible headlines- group or pair work
    • Evaluate the headlines with a peer and select the most suitable or interesting –discussion opportunity
    • Write a brief article- you can provide a generic template
    • Read the associated article and decide how similar their article is. Was there key information that you did not include in your article?
    • Watch any related news videos online as models and examples of real news reporting.
    • Write a news report and film with iMovie
      • Another opportunity for speaking and writing
      • Ideally students should choose an article that uses subject-related vocabulary e.g. science or humanities content (recycling vocabulary)

Sophia Panayiodou

      • Easy Assessment/(assess me)- set up classes by importing from an excel sheet. Give assessment criteria. Can assess students directly on the iPad and record the assessment and make an evaluation right there. Photos and video can be added.
  • Skype
  • iTalk and Quick Voice- Record own voices and use them for dictation. Read along with recording of other students and pick out pronunciation errors. You can make this file accessible to all at any time.
  • Good for conferencing with individual students-important to allow them to pick up their own pronunciation errors

Sophia Panayiodou

  • TEDi Subtitle-
    • Lectures form teachers and university lecturers around the world with subtitles. For the older students.
    • Can choose lectures with subject related vocabulary and create questions for a listening activity.

    • Popular stories read by celebrities with pdf to accompany them.

FYI a good clip on TED Talks about language and the effect on economics of a country.

Sophia Panayiodou


Online dictionaries and apps

  • Youdao (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • shows synonyms and antonyms
  • Spelling free- make your own unit list. Most words come with audio recording
  • A+ Pro flashcards: useful because you can rate difficulty so that easy cards will show up less often. Personalised to each student.
    • Best thing about it is the ability to upload to to create instant tests, definition matching and spelling activities.
    • There are already thousands of glossaries on that you can use and download flashcards for.
  • Quizlet app is also available but not as user friendly as the website.

Sophia Panayiodou

sharing information and group work
Sharing Information and Group Work
  • Apple TV (compatible with iPhone and iPadonly)
    • - quickly share what each group is working on through the projector
  • Popplet-
    • Brainstorming tool which is very useful for group discussion based activities.
    • Also useful for planning writing tasks
  • iMovie (iPhone and iPad app only $6.50)
    • A simple and effective movie making app
    • Features include: adding music and dubbing sound
    • Highly recommended for making movie or book trailers, news reports or short films
  • Webquest- Give a group of students a topic e.g. news story/famous person/ historical event. Ask them to find a video, article and website about the topic. Can be a timed race.
  • Problem Solving Games which initiate conversation and opinion e.g. Feed me oil

Sophia Panayiodou