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“HAHAHA”. By: Elizabeth & Celeste. After a long day from school, a group of boys and girls went to hang out. . Sadly, there was a little girl named Sarah, who was very upset. No one did not know what to do …. Then, Larry, Sarah’s good friend, asked, “What’s wrong Sarah?”.

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By: Elizabeth & Celeste


Sadly, there was a little girl named Sarah, who was very upset. No one did not know what to do …


Sarah replied, “I am just having a very bad day..” Larry said, “We will all cheer you up!”


All of Sarah’s friends began to make her laugh! By, making jokes and very silly faces.


Before she answered him, Larry said, “Its important for you to laugh, it’s a good exercise. I also learned that laughing can help you if you are having stress. It will make us happy if you laugh.


Sarah replied, “Yes thank you for making me feel a little bit better.” with a very big smile.


After that, they all laughed and made funny jokes. Sarah began to have a great day after a bad morning.


While they walked home, Sarah said, “we should all go out to eat some ice cream!” They all said, “Ok.” They went to the ice cream store and had a lot of fun. Always surround your self with fun friends!


Facts That You Should Know About Laughing

  • It helps people who have stress or is going through something.
  • Laughter is a good exercise for you mentally and emotionally.
  • Helps us bond with others we may not know.
  • Laughing can lower blood pressure.


  • Stress /stres/ - Something that causes mental strain. Feels pressured, worried.
  • Emotionally /iˈmōSHənəl/ - relating to the person’s emotions.
  • Bond /bänd/ - hanging out with a group of people or friends.
  • Mentally /ˈment(ə)lē/ - relating to the mind.