Fer tili zer on a m ission
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Fer tili zer on a M ission. Que stion . Which type of fertilizer helps grow best?. This investigation is to figure out which fertilizer helps grow best. The reason why is because, I want to know which one helps best so I can use it for Growing!. P urpose.

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Fer tili zer on a m ission


Que stion


Which type of fertilizerhelps grow best?

P urpose


H ypothesis

  • I grow best.hypothesize the powdered fertilizer will help grow best. The reason why is because , the liquid would jiggle and move so the plant will sink. The solid would get stuck on top and would not be able to go through. The powdered in my guess would fit perfectly and would come in little for the soil for it to go through and be ready for the plant!


Fer tili zer on a m ission

  • P grow best.rocedure


  • 15 grow best.medium clear plastic pots

  • Powdered fertilizer ( 1 pack )

  • Liquid fertilizer ( 1 pack )

  • Solid fertilizer ( 1 pack )

  • 1 jumbo pack of soil

  • 1 plant stick ( solid fertilizer )

  • Medium watering cup ( fill half way )

  • Seeds ( 75)

  • a pot plate

  • a hoe

  • A hose



Manipulated grow best.variable:Type of fertilizer

Responded variable: Growth of plant

Constant variables:soil , pots , pot plates , and grass seeds!



  • 1. Gather grow best.materials

  • 2. Fill three pots with soil label pots “S” for solid , “l” for liquid , and “P” for powdered.

  • 3. Using directions on package for amount, mix in powder fertilizer into soil into pot labeled “P”

  • 4. Mix in liquid fertilizer into soil into pot labeled “L”

  • 5. Stick 1 solid plant stick into pot labeled “S”

  • 6. Water daily as needed. Using the same amount of water for all three pots

  • 7. After 3 days, measure the height of the grass in each pot . Record.

  • 8. Repeat steps 2~8 for four more trials.

  • 9. Calculate the average growth for all, solid , liquid , and powdered fertilizer plants !


Data chart
Data Chart grow best.

Graph grow best.

conclusion grow best.

My hypothesis was incorrect. The powdered fertilizer is not what helps grow the best. The liquid fertilizer 1.9 cm growth and has 8 grass blades, the powered has 1.5 cm growth and has 3.2 blades , and the solid has 0.2 cm growth and 0.2 blades. What I would of done different is, I wouldn’t of used the same seeds so my plants would grow better or slower. If I had to change my project into some thing similar, it would be, which kind of seed needs more fertilizer!