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Welcome!. The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development. www.chairacademy.com. Overview: Deconstructing Leadership. Explore 20 th Century Models Deconstructing Leadership Examine 21 st Century Imperatives Emerging Realities Evolving Values Review and Reflection. Get Set!.

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    1. Welcome! The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development www.chairacademy.com

    2. Overview: Deconstructing Leadership • Explore 20th Century Models • Deconstructing Leadership • Examine 21st Century Imperatives • Emerging Realities • Evolving Values • Review and Reflection

    3. Get Set! • Review the leadership models that were in place during the past 100 years. What key attributes would you ascribe to each of them? • 2ndIndustrial Revolution (Circa 1900-) • Digital Revolution (Circa 1950-) • Counter Culture Revolution (Circa 1960-) • Information Revolution (Circa 1995-) • Globalization (Circa 2005-) • Have Fun! • Be Safe! GROUP DISCUSSION

    4. 20th century leadership theories

    5. The Barrett Seven Styles of Leadership Consciousness Wisdom/Visionary Service Mentor/Partner Making a Difference Integrator/Inspirer Internal Cohesion Facilitator/Influencer Transformation Manager/Organiser Self-esteem Relationship Manager Relationship Crisis Director Survival

    6. Transformation Consciousness Service Facilitator/Influencer Enabler of human interactions Invites participation Team member & builder Empowers others Promotes learning/innovation Making a Difference Internal Cohesion Transformation Self-esteem Relationship Survival

    7. 20th vs 21st century leadership 20th Century 21st Century Local, simple hierarchy of relationships Global, Complex, Independent networks Consistent change Accelerating rate of change Stable environment Chaos and Uncertainty Boundless growth with little regard for consequences Growth, boundaries and consequences

    8. Internal Cohesion Consciousness Service Integrator/Inspirer Develops employees Creates cohesion Positive attitude Values-driven Displays integrity Emotional intelligence Making a Difference Internal Cohesion Transformation Self-esteem Relationship Survival

    9. Making a Difference Consciousness Service Mentor/Partner Mentor Systems perspective Strategic alliances Partnerships with customers & suppliers Responsive member of the local community Making a Difference Internal Cohesion Transformation Self-esteem Relationship Survival

    10. Service Consciousness Service Wisdom/Visionary Wants to be of world service Global vision Long-term perspective At ease with uncertainty Comfortable with solitude Concern for future generations Making a Difference Internal Cohesion Transformation Self-esteem Relationship Survival

    11. The end of leadership “As a result of cultural evolution and technological revolution, the balance of power between leaders and followers has shifted—with leaders becoming weaker and followers stronger.” Barbara Kellerman

    12. Shifting sands

    13. Leaders make the future “We are in a time of accelerating, disruptive change. In the VUCA world—one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—traditional skills won’t be enough. . . . .” Bob Johansen

    14. Messages signaling the way • Expect the world to be even more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. • Look for both dangerand opportunity. • Leaders must learn new skills. • Leader development programs need to adapt.

    15. Educating managers for the modern era Major leadership challenges for the 21st Century can be grouped into three categories: market forces, people issues, and leadership competencies.

    16. Transforming your leadership culture “The challenges . . . Leaders face today barely resemble those of just 30 years ago. We must either face up to the serious shift in our identities or continue to perish professionally and organizationally at alarming rates.” John McGuire and Gary Rhodes 2009 Of the 100 largest Fortune 500 companies in 1900,only 16 are identifiable today.

    17. The Barrett Seven Styles of Leadership Consciousness Healthy Motivations/ Unhealthy Motivations Service to Humanity and the Planet Social Responsibility, Future Generations, Long-term Perspective, Ethics, Compassion, Humility Wisdom/Visionary Collaboration with Partners Strategic Alliances, Community Involvement, Environmental Stewardship, Coaching, Mentoring Partner/Mentor Internal Cohesion Shared Values, Vision, Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Passion, Creativity, Openness, Transparency Integrator/Inspirer Continuous Renewal and Learning Accountability, Adaptability, Empowerment, Teamwork, Delegation, Personal Growth Facilitator/Influencer Manager/Organiser High Performance Systems, Processes, Company Pride, Quality, Best Practices. Power, Status Relationship Manager Relationships Employee Recognition, Employee and Customer Loyalty, Conflict Resolution. Manipulation, Blame Crisis Director Financial Stability Profit, Compliance, Shareholder Value, Employee Health and Safety. Control, Greed

    18. Leadership logic and cultures Change Begins With YOU!

    19. Group discussion • Form three groups. • Designate facilitator, time keeper, recorder, reporter, etc. • Take 30 minutes to consider the future forces that will impact post secondary education. • Market, people, competencies. • Assess how well-prepared you and/oryour organizations are for the future—next 30+ years. Cultural Climate. • Identify the key issues/actions your organization(s) should be addressing now to better prepare for the future. • Summarize the results of your discussion to share. GROUP DISCUSSION

    20. Moving forward McGuire & Rhodes Edgar Schein Organizational Culture and Leadership Transforming Your Leadership Culture Stage 1Unfreeze Disconfirmation of Beliefs, Values, Artifacts, HabitsStage 2AdaptStage 3Refreeze Step 1AwakenStep 2Unlearn/DiscernStep 3Advance Whether it’s YOU or YOUR Team/Organization—the natural tendency is to maintain the status quo.

    21. Three enduring principles Ensure we exist! Empower us to create a better future Enable us to cope with change

    22. Reflection Record 2-3 ideas, issues that came out of the discussion that were most meaningful to you.

    23. Personal Investment Plan (PIP)