Pink e pie s play palace inc february 2014
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Pink-E-Pie’s Play Palace, Inc. February 2014. What’s Happening? F ebruary is the month of LOVE!

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Pink e pie s play palace inc february 2014
Pink-E-Pie’s Play Palace, Inc. February 2014

  • What’s Happening?

  • February is the month of LOVE!

  • Your child’s class will be having a Valentines Party on Friday, February 14th. There will be a sign up sheet by the sign in/out computer for snacks. You may bring Valentines cards for your children's class and class lists will be made available to you by the sign in/out computeras well.

  • Not sure if you noticed the sign on the door about the computer parenting classes we are offering. It offers valuable information on many struggles parents may have with their little ones. We want to remind you that the first family to complete the first 5 lessons will get a $50 Visa gift card!

  • Please make sure you have checked your mailbox to receive the emergency card for you to update and turn in to the front office. We want to make sure that all contact information that we have for parents is correct. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • We will begin sending notices home in the form of a sticker on your childs shirt when they are in need of items, such as diapers and wipes. Please look for one when you pick your child up for the day!

Closing Early

We will be closing at 5:30pm on the following day for staff training.

*February 11th

*Due to winter weather on February 4th, that training date will be rescheduled. Notice of rescheduled date will be posted soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for understanding!

February Holidays

Ground Hog Day-2nd

National Wear Red Day-7th

Valentines Day-14th

Presidents Day-17th

February Birthdays

Tryphena 1st

Sa’Veyia 10th

Zion 23rd

Parents- We will celebrate all children’s birthdays on

February 21st, so that no child is forgotten. We will provide cupcakes for the center and your child will go home with a fake tattoo and a balloon animal. If you wish to bring something on that Friday, you are more than welcome!

Infant News

By: Ms. Melissa

I would like to start off by saying welcome to a new infant friend we got this month, Ms. Skyler! For the month of February, we will be having some fun loving activities leading up to Valentine’s Day. Mommy and Daddys, expect a little loving gift for you! We will also continue to work on our self help skills! I would personally like to thank all of our parents for letting Pink-E-Pie’s teach your little angels!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Class Photos Rescheduled

  • Class photos have been rescheduled to April 10th because of the inclement weather. That will also be the day that we do spring photos, so please mark your calendars! We will post reminders as time grows closer.

Pink e pie s play palace inc february 2014

Toddler News

By: Ms. Leanna & Ms. Desirae

The toddler room has really been doing well with the new changes. This month, we are wanting to start focusing on “About Me”, that is in the Adventures in Learning curriculum for toddlers. We will work on learning our name, our body parts, and about our feelings. We have put the toddlers names in various places around the room, including their chairs, coat hooks, and cubbies. We are really wanting to make a book of our toddlers, from birth to now, so your little ones can look at how they have grown. To do that, we need pictures of them. If you could please bring in photos of your tots, we would really appreciate it.

15 Ways to Make Your Little One Feel Special

1. Ask caring questions each day: How was your Day? Did you take a good nap?

2. Tell your child you love him at least once a day.

3. Wear whatever "jewels" your child makes or buys for you. Display his artwork; use his clay vases and bowls.

4. Get excited when your child tells you about his day or latest accomplishment. Nodding your head is not enough.

5. Request a "kid fix" (a hefty hug and kiss) whenever you feel the need, and let your child know it makes you feel better.

6. If you're out for the evening, call in a goodnight kiss and promise an in-person one as soon as you return.

7. Sing while she plays; play while she sings or dances. Duets are very supportive, often memorable, and usually hilarious.

8. Use the mail to surprise your child with a comic book, funny card or fancy pencil.

9. Ask your child what was the best and worst part of his day -- every day.

10.Put a note in her lunch box that says, "I love you."

11. Keep a chair next to your desk so your child can visit or chat.

12. Ask about your child's friends regularly.

13. Prepare the grocery list together, and ask your child for dinner suggestions.

14. Compliment your child and let her overhear you complimenting her to someone else -- a relative, friend or neighbor.

15. Do something ridiculous: Chase your child through the house or start a pillow fight.


Play Palace, Inc. February 2014

  • Notes from Ms. Leanna

  • Pink-E-Pie’s website is now up and going. Please take a few moments and visit us at!

  • We have been making some more changes around the center, such as painting. We hope you take a moment to look at the new colorful walls!

  • Please remember to clock your child in and out everyday. This helps us keep track for billing and food servicing purposes.

  • Please report any changes to addresses and or phone numbers for home, cell and work.

  • Please use caution when pulling in and out of the front parking lot. Do not leave your vehicle running. Do not leave children un-attended in the vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Fun Game:

  • How many candy hearts can you and your little one find on this newsletter?

Preschool News

By: Ms. Alex

For the month of February, we will be working with Hello’s and Goodbyes in the Adventures in Learning curriculum. We will learn about transitions that take place in the classroom and ones that children might go through at home. I have some new transition songs that I want to teach the kids, as well as some fun new ways to say Hello and Goodbye! We will also get to do some fun Valentines Day art projects! Also, the Reading Roadshow will be coming on the 11th and 25th to read special books to your children!