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Why and how to choose a retirement plan? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why and how to choose a retirement plan?

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Why and how to choose a retirement plan? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why you should have a retirement or pension plan and how to choose them. Here is a PDF File for all about this, also click this link to take any pension plan by Reliance Mutual.,\n

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Why and How to Choose a

Retirement Plan


What is Pension Plan

Pension plan is exactly offered by life insurance companies

which helps to individuals plan effectively and carefully for

their retirement age. It gives a regular income to individuals

in their golden time and give chance to live a happy life with

their loved one, it also cover risk in case of unfortunate event.

At very early age it would be very good if you planned for any

Annuity or pension plan and start invest money in retirement

Plans. The benefits are different for every insurance company,

You need to compare a single plans of every insurance provider

And choose the best one which suit you.


Different Pension Plans

1. Traditional Plans- In which the plans benefit on retirement is

determined by a set use of formula, it does not depend on investment

returns. The amount of payout is almost guaranteed, It also called defined

benefits (DB). If you are completely risk averse, it maybe better go with

traditional based pension plans.

2. ULIP Pension Plan- In which the some part of amount paid as premium

every year and known as long term retirement or investment plans. These

are market-linked pension products which are offered by life insurance

companies. The purpose of these plans is provide to health and life cover

and a minimum guarantee of 4.5 percent. If your investment horizon is for

long years like 10 or more, it may suggested to go with the ULIP based

pension products.


It guarantee that the

Employee will get an

amount of benefits

Once he or she retires

It designed to helps

Employees save money

For retirement


Pension Plan

In case of eventuality

Event, the nominee will

Receive the sum assured

Amount + the bonus and

Addition If any

Up to the one third of

Paid premium is tax free

Under the section 80CCC


Why Pension Plan is Necessary

• Increase in life expectancy

• Shortfall in Employer Funded Pension

• Change of social structures

• Lack of social security system

• Desire to remain contributor

• Rest and relaxation


Government Retirement


• Atal Pension Yojana

• Mutual Funds ELSS

• Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

• National Pension Scheme

• Public Provident Fund (PPF)


Pension Schemes By Others

• Reliance Smart Pension Plan

• HDFC Life Pension Super Plan

• LIC Jeewan Akshay VI

• SBI Life- Saral Pension

• Bajaj Allianz Retire Rich

• BSLI Empower Pension- SP Plan

• LIC New Jeevan Nidhi


Short Term Savings Options

• Post Offices Deposit

• Government Bonds

• Mutual Funds

• Bank Fixed Deposit


Long Term Savings Options

• Public Provident Fund (PPF)

• Life Insurance Policies

• Long Term Bank Deposit (FDs, RD,s)

• Investment in Gold


Which Retirement Plan Is


Choose a good savings option is not easy. It will somehow difficult to choose

A best one. There are lots of provider in market which are selling retirement

Or pension plans also they have many plans to save. The most pension plans

By SBI Life, Reliance Nippon life, HDFC Life, Bajaj Allianz Life, Birla Sun Life

and LIC India people liked. You people just need to read each very carefully

Analyze all the plans and choose the best one.

There are lots of financial tool like pension calculator to calculate the actual

Amount of your income to invest in retirement plan from today and for how

Long time. These things make easy your life and helps you for better living