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GW’s Future

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GW’s Future. One Outsider’s Opinion. REAL ESTATE RELEVANCE RANKINGS. Robert David STEELE University Seminar Thursday 15 March 2012. GAME PLAN 2012-2015 SecState asks for Open Source Agency on South Central Campus

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GW’s Future

One Outsider’s Opinion




Robert David STEELE

University Seminar

Thursday 15 March 2012



SecState asks for Open Source Agency on South Central Campus

Saudis and JFK Center raise funds for two new buildings and Potomac Plaza ($600M estimate)+

GW as hub for design team including all stakeholders



Two new buildings on the Plaza, four new buildings on the South-Central Campus.



Horizons College & Consortium for Multidisciplinary Research

PhD in Comprehensive Architecture

School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance

GW PROVOST: 4 Sets of Questions
  • Globalization
  • Governance & Policy
  • Innovation with Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Citizenship & Leadership
  • Robert David Steele:
  • 4 Sets of Answers
  • Open Everything
  • Eight Tribes, Integrate Everything
  • Strategic Analytic Model Harmonizes Global / Local Sharing
  • BE the National University/OSA-MDSC
  • Capitalizing on research all over the world
    • Recognize the total fragmentation of knowledge
    • Do the homework – Elsevier citation analytics
  • Preparing students for a global society
    • Heritage College: ethics, analytics, religious studies
    • Horizons College: 8 tribes, whole systems solutions
  • Disseminating GW research all over the world
    • Create World Brain Institute, Global Game
    • Create prototype Center for Public Intelligence
  • Restructuring GW as an institution?
    • Secretary of State to demand Open Source Agency
    • GW, JFK, Saudis raise funds for Potomac Plaza
governance policy
Governance & Policy
  • Translating policy relevance into research
    • Policy is out of touch with any model or true costs
    • BE the national university with the model & facts
  • Building a policy-relevant educational experience
    • Teach the students how to create public intelligence
    • Teach the students how everything is connected
  • Advancing new models of hybrid governance
    • BE the hub for eight tribes, World Brain, Global Game
    • Create the open source everything tools & network
  • Strengthening GW’s position on policy deliberation
    • BE the lead university for the Open Source Agency
    • BE the lead university for the Multinational Decision-Support Centre
interdisciplinary innovation
Interdisciplinary Innovation
  • Sponsored interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Do the homework – pay for Elsevier citation analytics
    • Adopt the model—work on ten high level threats
  • Preparing students for an interdisciplinary world
    • Deeply impress on students the model, true costs
    • Use online options to connect all courses
  • Promoting an interdisciplinary culture
    • Centralizing hiring at university level, end school silos
    • Centralize grant applications, harmonize applications
  • Enabling interdisciplinary collaboration at GW
    • Clean-sheet evaluation of all existing buildings and how used
    • Leverage the Potomac Plaza building as the prestige location for University Professors who lead TEAMS
citizenship leadership
Citizenship & Leadership
  • Expanding research on citizenship & leadership
    • The truth at any cost lowers all other costs
    • Integrate sciences, religions, & philosophies
  • Fostering citizenship & leadership skills
    • Learn to question authority by discerning the truth
    • Future-proof the university – walk the walk
  • How can GW be a better citizen of DC and USA?
    • Future-proof the District of Columbia
    • Be the National University and hub for Smart Nation
  • What institutional changes are needed?
    • Learn how to do Open Space conferences and do many
    • Commit to Open Everything, adopt these ideas as a whole