The aftermath of world war ii
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The Aftermath of World War II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Aftermath of World War II. Read the section on page 809. What are “crimes against humanity?” What are the Nuremburg Trials? In what other place(s) were trials held?. War Crimes trials. The Axis countries lost all of the lands that they had conquered in the war.

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War crimes trials

Read the section on page 809.

What are “crimes against humanity?”

What are the Nuremburg Trials?

In what other place(s) were trials held?

War Crimes trials

A shift in the world powers

A Shift in the World powers

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

What does the quote above mean? conquered in the war.

What happens when your common enemy is defeated?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Iron curtain

  • The Iron conquered in the war. Curtain stands for several different things; most importantly though, the Iron Curtain refers to the separation of Europe into ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ blocs (sections).

    • It was also a symbol for the Cold War

Iron Curtain

Division in germany

  • Why was Germany divided? as the iron curtain.

    • Soviet Union feared a strong Germany.

    • Western Allies wanted to rebuild Europe

      • Industry

      • Democratic Governments

  • Germany and the capital of Berlin were split.

    • Allies controlled West Germany

    • Soviet Union controlled East Germany

    • Berlin was also split between the sides in the same way.

Division in Germany

Divided germany
Divided Germany as the iron curtain.

-What do you notice about Berlin’s location?

-What problems could that cause?

-Read the section on pg. 812 and answer the questions on the Berlin Airlift.


Berlin airlift
Berlin Airlift as the iron curtain.

International cooperative organizations

Work with your team to develop a presentation for the class. as the iron curtain.

Each group will present information on their organization so that their classmates can learn about their organization.

International Cooperative organizations



Reconstruction contd

  • General Douglas Macarthur, who served as Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific for World War II, oversaw the reconstruction efforts in Japan.

    • Japan’s offensive military capabilities were removed

      • The U.S. guaranteed their security.

  • Japan and West Germany both developed dominant economies in their regions.

Reconstruction Contd.