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Features Of Teak Wood Flooring

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Features Of Teak Wood Flooring

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  1. Features Of Teak Wood Flooring

  2. Teak is a well known wood in the business and amongst people as well because of its durability. It is a hardwood native to Southeast Asia and extremely durable and despite being extremely dense and hard, it can be worked into beautiful sculptures. Teak Wood Flooring is availed in the market at a wide range as the cost completely depends on the quality and source of wood. Found in Thailand and Burma to be specific but Thailand no longer exports teak.

  3. As flooring material, it resists damage from high traffic, pet claws, and rambunctious children.

  4. The oils in teak wood give it the natural pest resistance and repel termites.

  5. Hand scraping gives teak a look of old world charm and antiquity with a more rustic and less fussy finish. This type of surface finishing may be more desirable with the grain pattern and density of teak.

  6. This Teak Wood Flooring has proven longevity and the wood’s ability to withstand water damage, rot, and to repel insects.

  7. The rich reddish brown color of Teak flooring and if left untreated, the surface will gradually turn a silvery grey with UV exposure and remarkable properties.

  8. It does not chip or dent easily, and does not splinter.

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