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Painting Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Painting Techniques

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Painting Techniques
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Painting Techniques

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  1. Painting Techniques

  2. Paint & Palette Caddy The patented Paint & Palette Caddy was created to make the artist's life easier and cleaner, not to mention the savings on the cost of paints. Whether you are a professional, beginner or "want to be" artist, this caddy will solve the problems of wasted paint, (oil, acrylic or watercolor) and the frustration that comes with the time it takes to cleanup! Have you ever had an interruption that caused you to put your painting or artwork aside for a few days, weeks, or perhaps months? And then, when you came back to your project much later, you had to start with more fresh paint because the other paint on your palette had dried up. It happens to artists all the time. The waste of paints is very costly. A removable freezer proof and heat tolerant 12 x 16" tray that holds 35 removable cups. The tray also provides a well that holds the cup lids as well as brushes. (Brushes and paints not included)

  3. Art Ingenuities As far back as I can remember, I have loved painting; sometimes painting seriously and other times just for relaxation. As much as I loved to paint, I also dreaded squeezing the paints out of the tubes, realizing that if I did not use all of the paint there was no way I could put it back in to save for later. So to keep from wasting paint, I would mix small amounts at a time, resulting in not having enough paint. Then I would have to mix more, which meant trying to match the same color value I had before, which can be very hard to accomplish. Therefore, instead of becoming a relaxing and fun endeavor, it became very stressful. My thoughts turned to, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the mixing could be done ahead of time... before you started painting." But then there was the problem of losing all of my paints if I couldn't finish in one setting. The only choice I had would be to seal the unused paints in a plastic container. Even at that, over a period of time, the paints still dried out.

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