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How to Choose a Mirror that is Perfect for Your Wall? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Choose a Mirror that is Perfect for Your Wall?

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How to Choose a Mirror that is Perfect for Your Wall? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adding that special design element with a wall mirror can be a great way to elevate your indoor spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out this presentation and know more about it.

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in order to give your space a brand new look

In order to give your space a brand new look, a right mirror on your wall will be a good choice. This is because mirrors perform various functions such as they define what is already present in your living space reflecting a good view. Size, shape, and style are some important things to consider when you are selecting a mirror.

find a shape that works for you

Find a Shape That Works for You

  • In order to sweep your eye along a long line, a horizontal shaped mirror will perfectly accentuate width.
  • To get your attention to height, a tall vertical shaped mirror will be an ideal choice.
  • To have an orderly restrained look, an angularly shaped mirror such as a rectangle or square is suitable.
why size matters

Why Size Matters

  • The size of your mirror can influence the impact you want to create.
  • If you want the mirror to be a focal point, an accent, or a background, then the size selection should be done.
it is all about style

It is All About Style

  • In order to create a good impact, you should make sure that the mirrors can reflect the style and acts as an accent.
  • For traditional or ethnic culture inspiration, an ornate, gilt, or carved frame mirror is often used for contrast.
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