no d us working group kick off meeting n.
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no d us working group KICK-OFF MEETING

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no d us working group KICK-OFF MEETING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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no d us working group KICK-OFF MEETING. Financial & Administrative issues 2. Barcelona, 16th-17th June 2008. Urbact II - Contractual structure. Phase I & Phase II are considered as a sole project. Thus, the contracts are the same for both : Joint convention : Agreement between partners.

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no d us working group kick off meeting

nodusworking groupKICK-OFF MEETING

Financial & Administrative issues 2

Barcelona, 16th-17th June 2008

urbact ii contractual structure
Urbact II - Contractual structure
  • Phase I & Phase II are considered as a sole project. Thus, the contracts are the same for both:
    • Joint convention: Agreement between partners.
    • Subsidy contract: Contract between Lead Partner (IET) and the Managing Authority (Urbact Secretariat)
  • Letters of commitment:
    • Financial commitment: new letters of commitment for Phase II
    • Commitment of the Managing Authorities.
  • Audit trail: Details on the accountancy and control of the expenses: who does what?
urbact ii contractual structure1
Urbact II - Contractual structure
  • Deadlines:
    • Joint convention: 15th Sept.
    • Subsidy contract: ????????
    • 2 Letters of commitment (PP or LP + MA): 15th August
    • Audit trail: 15th August
joint convention i
Joint convention (i)
  • Subject: Organisation of the partnership:
    • LP and PP duties:
      • Development of the project.
      • Mutual financial and information duties.
      • Financial and information duties before the Urbact Secretariat.
      • Dissemination duties.
      • Compliance with national and EU regulations.
      • Confidenciality.
      • Rights on the outputs.
      • Legislation in force: LP’s country’s
joint convention ii
Joint convention (ii)
  • Terms of reference:
    • Declaration of Interest (Phase I)
    • Final Application Form (Phase II)
  • If Phase II not approved: Joint Convention will apply only for Phase I and their partners.
pp letters of commitment
PP Letters of commitment
  • To be submitted jointly with the final application.
  • Engagement of resources: Must be signed by elected member or someone else with binding power.
ma letters of commitment
MA Letters of commitment
  • MA commits to take part in the project.
  • Non compulsory but extremely desirable: Immediate contact to test willingness to participate: possibility of involving them in the ULSG…
  • No financial engagement is needed… but no budget assigned…
audit trail form
Audit Trail Form
  • Compulsory: Signed and officially stamped!
  • Describes financial management system, and who is responsible for what at every PP institution:
    • Centralised system.
    • Who is responsible for:
      • managing the project,
      • ordering payments,
      • executing payments,
      • certifying expenditure,
      • archiving the documents.
    • VAT treatment.