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Drop Crotch Pants Women PowerPoint Presentation
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Drop Crotch Pants Women

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Drop Crotch Pants Women - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drop Crotch Pants Women

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  1. Drop Crotch Pants Women

  2. Are you a new-age fashionista? Do you want to make an edgy fashion statement while feeling so comfortable you could’ve just rolled out of bed? If you answered yes, Arthur Apparel is your answer. With our new Drop Crotch Pant you can feel as if you’ve just stepped into your pj’s after a big night out, while still looking chic as ever. Made from a blend of cotton for those natural feels and a tiny bit of spandex to mold over your tush, the drop crotch pants will work well both day and night… and bed time too, if that’s what you fancy. The fabric and design of the style will not limit your mobility, so please, feel free to exercise in them too.

  3. WARNING: There are a few important tidbits you must know about the design of the drop crotch pant. Firstly – we want you to wear it right. Make sure you overlap one side neatly over the other and wrap the ties securely around your waist. Secondly – you can adjust the length of the crotch and overall length of the pant by experimenting with the positioning of your tie. Personally, we recommend to wear them just below the navel. Thirdly – these pants are true to size! Although they may seem large, we want to assure you that as long as you know your size, you are going to receive a pair that fit. Just make sure to tie them up as we have outlined. Whether you’re wanting a leisurely stroll, a day out shopping around the city or to duck out to grab some groceries, the Drop Crotch Pant will prove to be the perfect partner in crime. After all, no one wants to see you picking up eggs and some milk in your daggy house clothes. Oh, wouldn’t that be disastrous. Let’s throw those daggy house clothes out and replace them with fashionable house/strolling/shopping/lunching clothes.

  4. If you’re short of some styling ideas, we can assure you a Basic Oversized Tshirt or Tank never goes astray. If it’s a more feminine look you are after, mix up the textures and wear it back with a simple silk cami – a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. So let’s minimize your wardrobe and maximize your comfort. Arthur Apparel in an independent, Australian minimalist label that strives to bring you easy-to-wear, high quality garments while reinventing modern day wardrobe staples. We focus strongly on the use of natural fibres for maximum comfort and increased longevity, while using a neutral colour palette to increase versatility of our products. To find out more about our Drop Crotch Pants, simply follow the link below

  5. Address: 147 Brokers Rd City: Balgownie State: New South Wales Zip: 2519 Phone: (+62) 877 86699223 Country: Australia Website :