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Read all you need to know about the latest Android N - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The latest Android 7.0 is on the doorsteps already. Read everything that you need to know about Google\'s latest operating system The Android N.

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Presentation Transcript

  • We get to see a new android OS update every year and in 2016 we can be pretty sure that Google will be announcing the release of Android N.

  • The preview of Android N is already out & it allows us to get a glance of what the Android 7.0 might look like after its release this year.

  • Up till now few is known about Google’s latest “Android N” but we have collected a list of features that we can expect to see in the “Android 7.0”.

  • Let’s have a sneak peek at what all we got to know about the android 7 & some features we can expect from it after the release later this year in 2016.

When is it getting released
When is it Getting Released?

  • The Google has released the first preview of the Android N on March 9 which is actually 2 months earlier than its expected release date that is May 18th.

  • This preview was available in the Nexus 6p, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Nexus player on the Android Developer site.

  • There is still no official announcement on the release date of the Android 7.0

  • Android 7 release will be limited to Nexus devices though by September and it will be making its way to the other mobile manufacturers within the next 6 months or so.

What does the n stand for
What does the N stand for?

  • Biggest curiosity of the year 2016 is the name beginning from the letter “N” that is going to be in the Android N.

  • Android N surely needs an exciting name that will make the users excited as it pops up in the screen when it starts.

  • The current news about the name is Android Nutella and also might be chosen from an Indian Sweet dessert.


  • Very few things are known about the Android N so far but it is confirmed that it will surely be having a split screen and will be supporting multitasking in the tablets.

  • The Android N will allow you to change the display size of your device and then slide the slider which will change the size of the screen content.

  • Android N will also allow you to have a link giving all the emergency details about you in the lock screen including the name, blood group, address.

Some known features
Some Known Features

Smart Locking System :

  • Android M had smart lock for the passwords which will allow you to store the app passwords so that whenever you reinstall it you will be automatically logged in.

  • But there are not many apps that can support this feature.

  • The Android N will see much more apps which will be supporting this particular feature in it.

Some known features1
Some Known Features

Battery perfections :

  • Improvement in the battery life of the mobile is always the main focus with all the update of the Android OS.

  • It is expected that this trend will be continued in this version of the OS that is the Android N as well.

    Perfecting the Android Pay :

  • We already have the Android pay but it is going to get even better with the Android N.

  • Using the mobile phone to pay for anything anywhere in the world is really an amazing thing to notice which will be a specification in the Android N.

Some known features2
Some Known Features

The Messaging App :

  • The Google will be introducing a new messaging app for the Android app which is expected to replace the SMS and the MMs integration.

  • App will be based on (RCS) Rich Communication Services which will let the app to provide with much more than just talking & texting which includes video chatting file sharing and also fast messaging services.

Which phones will be having android n
Which phones will be having Android N?

  • Most of the mobile manufacturers around the world are trying to push the software to the phones and tablets that are hardly 2 years first which might take some time.

  • Android Marshmallow is still not available for most of the smartphones through it has been released and available since long back.

    Let’s wait & see what all new exciting features the Android N is going to bring with its release by the end of this year.