egg donation and surrogacy a boon for childless n.
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Egg Donation and Surrogacy- A Boon for Childless Couples PowerPoint Presentation
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Egg Donation and Surrogacy- A Boon for Childless Couples

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Egg Donation and Surrogacy- A Boon for Childless Couples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An ARTbaby egg donor is an organization in Georgia that help meet the supply and demand for healthy human eggs. They motivate women to donate their eggs to help infertile couples.

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egg donation and surrogacy a boon for childless

Egg Donation and Surrogacy- A Boon for Childless Couples

The decision to be a surrogate mother is not one that should be done in haste; you need to

sit down and think about the repercussions that come with it. Once you have decided that

you want to be a surrogate you should submit an application to an agency.

The reason why you should submit an application to an agency is because many

prospective parents look for surrogates through agencies. When submitting your

application you should understand the laws that govern surrogacy in your country or state.

This is because different states and countries have different surrogacy laws.

You need to note that many agencies prefer working with women who have already given

birth; therefore, if you have never delivered before you have very minimal chances of being

considered for the role.This is because many agencies feel that when you are a new mother

you might refuse to give up the baby to the biological parents.

How to be a surrogate mother?

Here is the surrogate mother process which needs to be followed to be a surrogate


Once your application has been received by the agency, you will be required to undergo a

thorough psychological evaluation to determine whether you are psychologically alright. In

addition to undergoing the psychological evaluation you should also expect to undergo a

medical examination where your reproductive organs will be examined.Many agencies also

require you to fill in forms. Here you will be required to answer a number of questions. The

questions can be about surgery, drug use, divorce and relationships that you might have

had. In some cases your husband or boyfriend may be interviewed too.

Once you have successfully completed the paper work, you must be picked by a couple. To

make it easy for you to be picked, you will be required to fill a form that gives your name,

date of birth, and any existing children that you have.The form will also have your photo so

that the couple can see how you look. You should note that it can take days, months, and

even years before you are picked for the surrogate role.

when you are picked by a couple you have

When you are picked by a couple, you have to go through an IVF process. Here the genetic

mother's ovaries are stimulated using medications and the eggs are harvested and

fertilized using the sperms of the intended father.Once the eggs are fertilized, they are

implanted into you and you are expected to carry the pregnancy to full term and then

surrender the baby once you have given birth. As we know surrogacy is a type of

techniques that sometimes make use of egg donation services. As it includes usage of

frozen eggs, which generally come through egg donation process, so here is the guide that

how the egg donation process works.

While most couples have no problem conceiving and bearing children, a small percentage

of couples do suffer from infertility issues that can prevent them from having a normal

conception. The problem can lie with the man or the woman or both partners. For normal

conception to take place, the man needs to produce an adequate number of healthy sperms,

and the woman needs to produce a healthy egg on a periodic basis.

Some women, especially those with advanced reproductive age, might have problems

producing a healthy egg which is vital for a viable pregnancy. Some women might

experience an early onset of menopause, preventing them from producing healthy eggs

during their childbearing years. A very small percentage of women are also born without

ovaries and therefore can never produce eggs. All these women can be helped through egg


Egg donation is a process in which healthy eggs from a donor are retrieved and implanted

into the recipient. The recipient can now have a normal pregnancy since the donated eggs

are retrieved from a healthy woman capable of having children of her own.

The egg donation process is normally kept confidential and the donor and the recipient

never come to know the identity each other. But in some cases, they mutually agree to get

acquainted so that they can get to know each other on a more intimate level.

Infertile couples who have lost all hopes of having babies of their own can get assistance

through egg donation. There is a high demand for donor eggs, as a number of infertile

couples are looking for women who would be kind enough to donate their eggs to help

these couples.

During this process of egg donation, anywhere around 12 eggs are retrieved from the

donor. The expenses involved in retrieving eggs from the donor are borne by the recipient.

An ARTbaby egg donor is an organization in Georgia that help meet the supply and

demand for healthy human eggs. They motivate women to donate their eggs to help

infertile couples. They also have the women's personal, physiological and complete medical

profile stored on their database. They then provide this information to infertile couples

who are looking for donors. The identity of the donor is usually not revealed, but all the

other medical and physiological characteristics are disclosed to help recipients choose a

donor according to their personal preference.