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Artex Provide Best Composite Doors PowerPoint Presentation
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Artex Provide Best Composite Doors

Artex Provide Best Composite Doors

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Artex Provide Best Composite Doors

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  1. Dealer Presentation May 2014

  2. Lets talk composites • Introduction to composites • Applications • Types of composites • FRP – An Introduction

  3. Introduction to Composites • Composites are materials made by combining two or more materials together to form an overall structure that is better than the individual components • Types of Composites: • Composite building materials such as cements, concrete • Reinforced plastics such as fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) • Metal Composites • Ceramic Composites

  4. Introduction to Composites • Composites are used where higher performance is required • Higher performance can be in terms of • Strength • Weight or • Durability

  5. Composites - Applications • Composite materials are generally used in • Spacecraft • Buildings • Bridges • Race Car bodies • Shower Stalls, Bathtubs, Storage tanks, Imitation granite and Cultured marble sinks and counter tops.

  6. Consumer Composites Industrial Composites A wide variety of composites products are used in industrial applications, where corrosion resistance and performance in adverse environments is critical. Fiberglass is almost always used as the reinforcing fiber. Industrial composite products include: Underground storage tanks Scrubbers Piping and fume hoods Water treatment components Pressure vessels, and a host of other products. • Typically, although not always, consumer composites involve products that require a cosmetic finish, such as: • Boats • Performance vehicles • Sporting goods • Construction Industry In most cases, the cosmetic finish is an in-mould coating known as gel coat.

  7. FRP – As a composite • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. • Made using: • Resin, such as polyester • Reinforcements, such as glass fibre roving and mat • Additives, such as pigments, UV Inhibitors, fire retardant, etc. • Surface Gelcoat, it Provides Protective Outer Surface which enhances corrosion resistance, UV protection and aesthetics • FRPs is commonly used in • Aerospace • Automotive Industry • Marine Applications • Construction Industry • and Ballistic Armour.

  8. Advantages of FRP Composite • High specific strength (strength-to-weight ratio) • Low stiffness • High density • Design Flexibility • Corrosion Free • All weather proof • No effect of water, dust , air, pollution

  9. Doors • Applications • Types of Residential Doors • Selection Parameters

  10. Doors - Definition • A door is an opening or closing structure used to block off an entrance. It typically consists of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or spins inside of a space Applications • When open, doors admit people, animals, ventilation, and light. • Many doors are equipped with locking mechanisms to allow entrance to certain people and keep out others. • The door is used to control the physical atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts, so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled. • They act as a barrier to noise. • Doors are significant in preventing the spread of fire.

  11. Residential Doors - Types • Panel Doors • Solid doors built with frame and embedded panels • Flush Doors • Completely smooth doors, having plywood or MDF fixed over a light timber frame. Skins can also be made out of hardboards • Molded Doors • Same as flush doors. The only difference is that the surface material is a moulded skin made of MDF. • Composite Doors • Is a single leaf door that is solid, and is usually filled with high density foam resin integrated structured

  12. Selection Parameters - Residential Doors • Aesthetics • Doors also have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond. They reflect the house owners personality and lifestyle. • Functional • Safety and Security features • Strength & Rigidity • Privacy Features • Sound absorption for living room and bedroom doors • Functional aspects • Moisture absorption – for bathroom doors or humid climates • Termite Resistance • Fire retardant properties • Maintenance • Exterior Finish • Warping, etc.

  13. Artex Composite Doors • Features/Benefits • Advantages • Unmatched Benefits (Comparison) • Services

  14. COMPOSITE DOORS The No Jhanjhat Door

  15. ALL PURPOSE RESIDENTIAL DOORS Factory finished with excellent workmanship and high end composite technology Available in a wide variety of designs and finishes and textures COMPOSITE DOORS

  16. VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE Protective Gelcoat Surface No effect of weather, No warping, Non corrosive, No impact of chemicals. Impact resistant 100% rot and termite resistant Easy to clean

  17. SUPERIOR STRENGTH AND RIGIDITY FRP is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. No metal parts. No nails or joints No joints technology





  22. Our Doors • Designs • Finishes • Shades • Sizes and Dimensions

  23. 8 Great Designs

  24. 8 Great Designs Synergy (F01)

  25. 12 Shades in 2 finishes

  26. Flexible Size Options Sizes Available (mm) for P01 - P04 Sizes Available (mm) for P05 - P07 Sizes Available (mm) for F01 • Length: 1829 - 2135 • Width: 610 - 1067 • Length: 1910 - 2060 • Width: 760 - 990 • Length: 1829 - 2135 • Width: 610 - 1067 Thickness (mm) 3 standard thickness: • 25 mm - Ideal for bathrooms and toilets • 32 mm - Ideal for internal doors • 38 mm* - Ideal for main doors of apartments * 38mm is a premium offering

  27. WHY SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS End of presentation

  28. About AR Polymers

  29. Business Verticals Footwear Composites

  30. Composites Division • The composites Division was set up in 1997 • Product Offerings: • FRP Shelters • FRP Components for Rail Coaches and Automobiles • Other customized FRP components • Composite Doors NEW

  31. Highlights • Largest supplier of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shelters to the Indian Army since 2007 • In-house facility for design, development, manufacturing and testing for fiber composite products and components • ARP is also the largest manufacturer of Shoes and Boots for Indian armed and homeland security forces

  32. Infrastructure • Comprehensive and backward integrated ‘Fibre Composite’ manufacturing facility • Fully automated production shop floor • Complete infrastructure for hand lay up and RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) • Water Jet cutting machine for high precision cutting of components. • In-house processes for resin impregnation and hot pressing of sheet mould compounds (SMC) • Production capacity of manufacturing 5000 Factory finished Composite Doors per month

  33. Group Companies • Member of the Rs. 300 Crore GKG Group • Other group companies: • MKU Pvt. Ltd. A leading defense company across 100 countries Product range includes Ballistic protection for people & platforms, Night Vision Devices • AR Thermosets Pvt. Ltd. One of the largest manufacturers of Bitumen Emulsion in the country Pioneered Polymer modified Bitumen Emulsion in India

  34. Thank You End of Presentation