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The Tiger Rising

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The Tiger Rising
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The Tiger Rising

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  1. The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo Catherine Kelly

  2. The main characters were This story took place… (setting) • Rob: boy • Sistine: girl staying in Lister • The Tiger • Rob’s Dad: Caroline, his wife died • Willie May: Sistine thinks she’s a prophetess, Motel cleaner • Beauchamp: Motel Owner, Tiger owner • Lister, Florida • Kentucky Star Motel • Woods behind Motel • Lister School

  3. I thought the biggest problem was: The problem was solved when There is a tiger in a cage behind the Kentucky Star Motel. Sistine wants to let it go but Rob does not. Rob let the tiger go with the keys that Beauchamp gave him to feed the tiger, but Rob’s Dad shoots it because he thinks it will kill Rob.

  4. At the beginning… Rob finds a tiger behind the Kentucky Star Motel. Rob gets on the bus and Norton and Billy Threemonger bully him. Sistine gets on the bus. When they get to school the principal tells Rob he can’t come to school because he has a bad rash.

  5. Then, Beauchamp gives Rob the keys to feed his tiger and shows him how to do it. Then Sistine comes over to give Rob his homework and he shows her the tiger. Sistine thinks they should let it go but Rob does not. Her mother comes to pick her up and she wants to know who Rob’s mom is. He finally tells her that his mom, Caroline is dead.

  6. Next, The next day they go back to see the tiger. When Rob says he has the keys to the cage but he still doesn’t want to let the tiger go Sistine starts crying really hard. Then Sistine says she has to go home, then they meet Willie May in the parking lot and Sistine thinks she is a prophetess. So, the next day they show Willie May the tiger and she says they shouldn’t let it go.

  7. At the end, Beauchamp sees them walking along the street and thinks Sistine is Rob’s girlfriend so he drives off. Then they go to let the tiger go. Rob lets the tiger go but Rob’s dad shoots it because he thinks it will hurt Rob. Sistine says they should make it a grave so Rob and his dad dig it a grave.

  8. The best part of the story was when Sistine meets Willie May and says she is a prophetess because Willie May is nice and Sistine is angry. I like the way Willie May is bold and believes in what she says.

  9. I didn’t like the part when the tiger was almost free but Rob’s dad shot it because he thought it would hurt someone. Although it was good that they made it a grave.