Which influences you the most
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Which influences you the most?. Genetics or Environment?. Definition Heredity. passing on of genetic factors: the transfer of genetically controlled characteristics such as hair color from one generation to the next. Definition of Environment.

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Which influences you the most

Which influences you the most?

Genetics or Environment?

Definition heredity

Definition Heredity

passing on of genetic factors: the transfer of genetically controlled characteristics such as hair color from one generation to the next

Definition of environment

Definition of Environment

surrounding influences: all the external factors influencing the life and activities of people, plants, and animals

Read the story the cow that oinked

Read the story- “the cow that oinked”

List the environmental and heredity factors listed in the story.

Heredity or environment
Heredity or environment

11. Sex / gender

12. Body type

13. Weight

14. Religious involvement

15. IQ

16. Height

17. Blood type

18. Defects passed on from parents

1. Color of hair

2. Color of eyes

3. Color of skin

4. General health of the baby

5. Personality traits of the child

6. Strength of eyesight

7. Physical strength

8. Relationships with family

9. Relationships with friends

10. Level of education

Small group heredity or environment
Small Group: heredity or environment

  • Sammy has brown eyes and is five-years-old. she attends a neighborhood preschool everyday. her teachers have fallen in love with her witty personality and honey-colored hair. She is very intelligent and does well with the tasks assigned her. Sammy’s parents are divorced and she misses her father very much. Sammy has juvenile arthritis and must see the doctor often., At her last doctor’s visit, the doctor reminded Sammy’s mom that diabetes has run in her family for several generations and that Sammy should be watched closely for any early symptoms of diabetes. Sammys growth chart shows that she will probably be small for her age.

The case of twins separated at birth

The case of twins separated at birth?

Which is more important, genetics or environment?

Facts found in the studies
Facts found in the studies

  • Twins shared jewelry wearing habits, children's names, phobias

  • similarities in "temperment, tempo and the way they do things

  • The results showed that such characteristics as leadership ability, imagination, vulnerability to stress and alienation were largely inherited.

Facts found in the studies1
Facts found in the studies

  • traits such as aggression, achievement, orderliness and social closeness were fostered in the home environment

  • striking similarities were mannerisms (such as wearing rubber bands on the wrists, or reading magazines backwards), personal choices (such as choice of names for pets or children, or choice of clothing styles), and expressive social behavior (shyness or social ease, laughter, facial expressions and posture). These are exactly the sorts of things many of us refer to as personality, so these findings can be interpreted as strong support for genetic influences on personality.