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7 Habits of Highly Effective People PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People. HABIT 7 (THE HABIT OF RENEWAL ). Interdependence. 7. Seek to understand Before to be understood. Synergize 6. Public Victory. Think Win-Win 4. Independence. 3 First Things First. Private Victory.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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    1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People HABIT 7 (THE HABIT OF RENEWAL )

    2. Interdependence 7 Seek to understand Before to be understood Synergize 6 Public Victory Think Win-Win 4 Independence 3First Things First PrivateVictory 2 Begin with End in Mind 1Be Proactive Dependence

    3. PARADIGM • INEFFECTIVE: I Focus only on getting golden eggs • EFFECTIVE: I nurture the goose that lays the golden eggs. • PRINCIPLE: “To maintain and increase effectiveness, we must renew ourselves in body, Heart, mind, and soul”

    4. Social family, friends, service (notes, phone calls, emails, visits) Spiritual battle of good versus evil (atheism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism) Mental reading, journaling, discussing, seminars, meetings Physical endurance, strength, flexibility, sleep, eating Habit 7: Sharpen the saw  When will YOU sharpen your saw?

    5. Physical Dimension • Assume you have had a heart attack in the last month. How would you approach exercise and nutrition • Get the amount of sleep you know your body need • Set health and fitness goals • Include fruits vegetables fibers and water in your diet • do exercise • Reduce stress by eliminating Q1-Q III activities get out from urgency trap

    6. DO YOU KNOW • Aerobic exercise boosts the supply of nourishing blood to the brain, improves the efficiency of the nerves and increases the neurotransmitter hormones that produce the feelings of well-being • Physicians recommend drinking 2.5 liters or 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking less can cause headaches, dehydration and problems of blood pressure or circulation • To optimize performance at work, experts suggest taking 5-10 minutes breaks (where you totally disengage) every 90 to 120 minutes.

    7. Physical Dimension • Write down 1 thing you will consistently do to develop the physical dimension • ____________________________________

    8. Social/Emotional Dimension • Assume that everything you say about people will be heard by them. How might you choose your words differently. • Keep your relationships in constant repair through continual deposits to the emotional bank accounts • Value the differences in others and look for opportunities to synergize • Practice empathic listening • widen your circle of friends • forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you • Build family relationships both immediate and extended • let go of the damaging competitive feelings you may have towards others

    9. DO YOU KNOW • The number one reason people leaves their jobs in poor relationships with their managers. • In a study of marriages lasting 25 years or more, the ability to solve problems together is the major factor contribution to satisfaction • Lifespan increases in direct proportion to the amount of contact people have with their close friends.

    10. Emotional/social Dimension • Write down 1 thing you will consistently do to develop the emotional and social dimension: • ____________________________________

    11. Mental Dimension • Assume your knowledge and skills will be obsolete in two years. What new learning avenues would you explore? • Keep a book. And your book can become your space for working out problems • Read voraciously. • Collect quotations • Develop a hobby. It allows you to do something you love doing • Continue your education. Train your mind to stand apart and examine its own paradigm.

    12. Mental Dimension • Write down 1 thing you will consistently do to develop the mental dimension • ____________________________________

    13. DO YOU KNOW • About 175 million books have been published worldwide. This number grows by 1 million per years. You’d better get started. • At birth, you brain had about a trillion neutral connections. That sounds like a lot, but remember……. We are talking about a baby brain. The best way to grow more connection is to take up a challenging activity that’s new to you, like computer, music, or a foreign language. • According to one study, taking piano lessons for even four months can improve young peoples' performance on the math tests by an average of 27 percent

    14. Spiritual Dimension • Assume you have a year to live. What legacy would you want to leave? • Create a review and refine your Personal Mission statement. • Watch listen and enjoy the world of nature. • Read inspirational literature, in particular biographies of the people who inspires you • Commit a life of total integrity to your priorities • Listen to inspirational and uplifting music • Commit to serve in your community. Give of your time money and self • Practice spiritual worships that edifies.

    15. . What legacy would you want to leave?

    16. Spiritual Dimension • Write down 1 thing you will consistently do to develop the Spiritual dimension • ____________________________________

    17. Be Strong in hard moments • As we attempt to renew ourselves regularly, we feel we are too busy to Sharpen the Saw or lacking self discipline to stick to our commitments. These are hard moments • Getting up on time ( Mind over mattress) • Controlling your temper and not saying the unkind thing. • Discipline yourself to eat healthy • Sticking to your regimen when you are busy.

    18. Assignment (Discipline yourself) • Pick 1 of the four renewal activities you just identified • _________________________ • What obstacles or hard moments might you encounter as you do this activity • _________________________ • How will you overcome these obstacles or hard moments • ________________________

    19. THINGS TO DO • PLAN YOUR WEEK • Take 20 to 30 minutes to plan • Review mission and roles • choose big Rocks • Schedule the week

    20. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS A long healthy and happy life is the result of making contributions, of having meaningful projects that are personally exciting and contribute to and bless the lives of others. (Hans Selye)