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Description for Plasma Cutting Machine

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Description for Plasma Cutting Machine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Optimized outline of ferrite center transformer with superb CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) covers to guarantee low power utilization at 100% obligation cycle.

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Plasma Cutting Machine comprise of Power source with controls, Water Re-coursing framework if obliged and an overall planned Torch. The fundamental guideline is that the arc shaped between the electrodes and the work piece is choked by a fine bore, copper spout. This builds the temperature and speed of the plasma discharging from the spout. The temperature of the plasma is in abundance of 20,000°c and the speed can approach the pace of sound. At the point when utilized for cutting, the plasma gas stream is expanded so that the profoundly infiltrating plasma plane slices through the material and liquid material is evacuated in the efflux plasma. 


Look at our fabricated Plasma Cutting Machines advantages, determinations, applications and extent of supply:

Important Features:

Profits of Low Power Consumption – Optimized outline of ferrite center transformer with superb CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) covers to guarantee low power utilization at 100% obligation cycle

Strong Power Factor – Power element redress capacitor guarantees Power Factor of 0.85 - 0.90% guaranteeing most minimal force utilization

Steps free Power Control – Power controlled in steps in high limit machines for developed force sparing

Simple Arc Striking – High open circuit voltage to suit simple arc striking

Security against Voltage Fluctuation & Overload – Fully secured force source against voltage vacillation & over-burden included with complete wellbeing interlocking for light assurance against air and water disappointment

Simple to Operate – Easy to work and keep up light set out toward administrator's comfort

High Cutting Capacity – Highly enhanced light outline offers higher cutting limit at low power yield


Long Life of Consumables – Torch outline ensures long life of consumables viz. anode and spout 

Dross Free Cuts – Almost vertical, dross free cuts with least kerfs width 

Long Cable Length – Standard Torch link length of 7 meters with alternative to stretch out up to 30 meters 

Powder Coated Chassis & Panel – Robust configuration with powder covered case & panel guarantees long life at site ground also.

For more information about Plasma Cutting Machine, Laser Marking & Engraving and Laser Metal Cutting Machine please visit us.