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Gamemaker 6

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Video Game Design Unit. Gamemaker 6. Start Programming Catch the Clown. Written Game Planner Info:.

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Video Game Design Unit

Gamemaker 6

Start Programming Catch the Clown

written game planner info
Written Game Planner Info:
  • Catch the Clown is a short action game. In this game a clown moves around in a playing field. The goal of the player is to catch the clown by clicking on the mouse on him. If the player progresses the clown moves faster and is more difficult to catch. For each catch the score is raised by 10 and the goal is to get the highest possible score.

This will be done today without the aid of the tutorial. If you finish the game without using the tutorial and it works correctly, I will give you bonus points

catch the clown challenge
Catch the Clown Challenge
  • Clown moves around random direction
  • When clown hits wall:
    • should bounce
    • move in different direction
  • When player clicks clown:
    • receives 10 points
    • moves faster as you click on the clown
catch the clown
Catch the Clown

Finish, grade and turn in Catch The Clown

Challenge #2-don’t start until you get part 1 checked off with me

  • Create a second room
  • Program your game to move to the next level after acquiring x amount of points. You can include the evil clown in this room .
  • Scoring should be correct
  • Add any creative touches to it
  • Extra Credit
  • Create a 3rd clown that ends the game with a sound associated with it, and shows the high score after the game completes
catch the clown grading

Challenge 1-- catch the clown------20ptsChallenge 2—Set up another room, include an evil clown that takes away points, add sounds, scoring works correctly--------------15ptsExtra Credit-In room two set a clown up that if clicked on ends to the game------------5pts

Catch the Clown Grading