Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

maryland disposable medical supply training n.
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Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018

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Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018
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Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018

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  1. Maryland Disposable Medical Supply Training September 2018

  2. Who Is Telligen • We are the Utilization Control Agent for Maryland Department of Health (MDH). • We utilize the web application Qualitrac for our DMS reviews

  3. Portal Registration • • Security Administrator Registration Form • Register by October 1, 2018 • Allow 3-5 days for processing

  4. Provider Portal Training

  5. Provider Portal: Start a New Request • To get started, navigate to the website: • Utilize the “sign in” option in the top right hand corner to log-in to the Patient Portal.

  6. Patient Portal: Landing Page Use buttons to filter the cases in your queue. Use column headings to sort the data. Use search boxes to find specific information. Click on Case ID to get more details. Use to navigate through the pages Use this button to begin entering a new case.

  7. Starting a New Request To start a new request, select “Add Authorization” button

  8. Select the Type of Request • Choose the type of review that you are requesting. • Select Durable Medical Equipment Review from the drop down box

  9. Select the Review Timing • Select the Review Timing from the drop down box. • Prior Authorization is for a future request.

  10. Provider Portal: Patient Information • Enter the member’s Medicaid ID and Date of Birth • The data entered MUST be an exact match to continue.

  11. Group Selection Submitter will need to select the provider that this request is being submitted for.

  12. Provider and Facility Search • Submitter will enter the Ordering Provider and the Treating Facility. Both are required fields. • Please use name, NPI and/or zip code to search

  13. **Ordering provider** This is the physician who wrote the prescription for the equipment **Treating Facility**—This is the DMS provider In the event this is not entered correctly the request will be returned to the provider and a new request will be needed. This will delay the processing of the request.

  14. Service Information • Click on the blue edit box under equipment type. • Equipment type pop up box appears and submitter selects the type of equipment that this review is being submitted for. Select edit box icon to open equipment type selection box

  15. Service Information Enter Principal Diagnosis Select Add Service to open pop up box for service information to be entered.

  16. Add Service Submitter will need to enter: • Start Date • End Date • These are your requested dates of service

  17. Add Service • Treatment Requested • This is the HCPCS Code • Treatment Description • Can be used if it is a recertification • For NOS codes

  18. Add Service • Quantity • This is the number of items being requested for this particular HCPCS

  19. Service Information Select if this will be a Rental or a Purchase

  20. Purchase For a purchase: Enter required fields: - Quantity - Purchase cost

  21. Procedure Code • Once all fields in the Requested Services pop up box are completed, the information will be displayed for your reference. • At this time, the submitter may select Add Service and add a second line to this submission. • 24 lines can be entered per request. If you need to request more items for a request a new case will need to be entered • Please note in the new request the Reference ID from the original request

  22. Common Errors with Procedure Codes These can delay reviews • Entering HCPCS codes Telligen is not reviewing • Entering codes that do not require preauthorization • Entering an ICD-10 instead of a HCPCS code • Entering the wrong HCPCS for the request

  23. Provider Portal: Supporting Documentation • Attach supporting documentation. • This is where the medical record will be attached to the file along with any other supporting documentation.

  24. Trouble Shooting How to Minimize Errors When Uploading Documents • Do not upload documents that are password protected. • Do not upload documents directly from a secure drive. • If documents are larger than 300 Mb, split the document in to smaller files making them easier to process. • Please submit all documentation required to make an accurate determination, complete medical record. • Speed does affect the upload time of the document. Slower internet connections will result in extended upload times.

  25. Summary and Attestation • The submitter will have the opportunity to review all information that was entered including support documentation that was uploaded. If there are any errors or items omitted, please hit the back button to correct the request • Once everything is correct, utilize the electronic signature and select done to submit the case. Under Review Under Review

  26. Provider Portal: Summary and Attestation • Clicking the “Done” button is necessary to submit the case through the system for review. • An email will be sent to the User with the case number. This confirms that the case has been submitted. • The User will also receive an email when case review is complete. • A User may log in at any time to determine case status, view applicable correspondence, and attach additional information.

  27. Patient Portal: Case ID • After a case has been submitted, Users can look up the case and perform additional actions or view details. • A User can search for a case using the search fields or by navigating through the pages. Once the case has been located, click on the Case ID field to select it.

  28. Patient Portal: Case Details • Clicking on the Case ID opens the Case Details page. Click the Reference ID to see a summary page and view correspondence

  29. Patient Portal: Summary Page and Correspondence • When the User clicks on the Reference ID, a summary page opens where the case information, supporting documentation, and status can be reviewed. • This page contains any correspondence attached to the case. Clicking on the link(s) contained in the Letters section will open the correspondence for review.

  30. Provider Letters In Qualitrac • Approvals (will not generate a letter) • Denial letters • Additional Information • Letter attached in portal asking for additional documentation to evaluate medical necessity for the request. • No Review Required • Duplicate request • New request is needed(incorrect information entered) • HCPCS Codes not reviewed by Telligen

  31. Request Reconsideration • Your request has been denied or partially approved • You have 30 days to request a reconsideration on a case • Find the case

  32. Press button

  33. Attach additional information

  34. Attest and electronically sign

  35. Search for case again

  36. Select case

  37. Telligen follows criteria established by MDH for MDS reviews. COMAR 10.09.12 In the event medical necessity cannot be established by the nurse reviewer; it will be referred to a physician for review. Please ensure all supporting clinical documentation is provided so as not to delay the review process.


  39. General DMS Criteria • Physician Order • Medically necessary • Functionally appropriate • For use in home, school or place of employment

  40. Incontinence Supplies • Ages 3 – 15 yrs – 240 pants/30 days and 135 underpads/30 days • Age 16yrs or above – 180 pants/30 days and 100 underpads/30 days • Physician order • Specific diagnosis • Measurements

  41. Pressure Ulcer Care Supplies • Medical necessity • Clinical justification • History of use of less costly alternatives • Current course of treatment

  42. Custom Cranial Remolding Orthosis • Moderate to severe craniofacial deformity • Clinical evidence, including measurements • Documentation from treating surgeon • Six months of documentation on daily counter positioning therapy

  43. Orthopedic Footwear • Physician Order • Covered condition • Footwear must have the required components

  44. General Information

  45. Our Website • • Consists of : • Home page • Document Library- contains the Provider Portal application • Education and Training-recorded trainings/slides • Provider News • FAQs—this is a very big resource for DME • Contact Information There is also a link that will take you to the Qualitrac Portal Log in page

  46. For DMS Questions We are here to help • please contact our Provider Help Desk by telephone at 888-276-7075 -pressing option number 2 will connect you with the DME Line. • or email • When inquiring on a review request –please use your Qualitrac Case ID number(Reference ID) – please do not send PHI or PII in your email.

  47. Questions Telligen will become your partner in serving Medicaid clients