refresher research coordinators mtg
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Refresher Research Coordinators Mtg

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Refresher Research Coordinators Mtg. P. S. N. 02/27/12. Patient. Safety. Net. Table of Contents. Introduction. Use of Patient Safety Net at the SCCA. Patient Safety Net Access. Navigating through PSN.

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refresher research coordinators mtg

RefresherResearch Coordinators Mtg








Table of Contents


Use of Patient Safety Net at the SCCA

Patient Safety Net Access

Navigating through PSN

what is patient safety net psn
PSN is an anonymous online reporting system used at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

PSN is used to track events that occur at the SCCA such as:

Unsafe Conditions:Environmental factors or work processes that have a potential to harm a patient/visitor*.

Near Misses: Events that do not reach the patient/visitor but had the potential to harm or inconvenience the patient/visitor if it had not been corrected before reaching the patient/visitor.

Events that Reach the Patient/Visitor: Events that reach the patient/visitor causing harm or inconvenience.

*Visitor refers to a patient’s family member or caregiver.

Please Note! We do not use PSN to track events that reach staff, if you slip, trip, or have a needle stick, please report those using an Accident Illness Report form.

What is Patient Safety Net® (PSN)?
the role of psn at the scca
Learning from Events, Near Misses, and Unsafe Conditions is key in monitoring and improving our process for safety and efficiency.

A system flaw or gap can go undetected without your PSN report.

When an error occurs, the review often uncovers system vulnerabilities that could be improved upon.

Learning from PSN events help the SCCA to build better systems to promote patient safety and support your work.

The ultimate goal is to protect patients from harm.

The Role of PSN at the SCCA
some examples of event reports
Medication Events

Medication Delays

Laboratory or Specimen Events

Not Completed

Results Delayed

Patient/Visitor Falls

Communication/Care Coordination Problems

Scheduling Issues

Unclear Orders

Equipment, Supply, or Device events

Environmental Hazard

Some Examples of Event Reports:
psn account access
All staff have the ability to enter a PSN.

Access to PSN is granted by using your UW AMC/IRIS Logon information (also known as your Orca/Mindscape password).

If you do not have an AMC account, work with your manager to fill out the PSN access request form found at O:\Computer Applications Access forms.

PSN is accessed via the link:

PSN Account Access
entering and event
Entering and Event

PSN Icon is located on all SCCA Clinic Desktops and identified by this icon

Research Staff not in the clinic access via the following Link (saved to favorites or manually as a link on desk top)

concepts to remember when entering an event
The intent of PSN is to track system issues in patient care, not to finger point.

When entering an event, be as objective as possible.

PSN events can be reported anonymously. If you do not document your name at the end of the report, you will not be identified as the reporter.

Enter “Research Patient” as the first two words in the event description.

Concepts to Remember When Entering an Event
navigating through psn
Navigating Through PSN

need help
For any questions regarding Patient Safety Net, contact:

Maya Luzzi

Patient Safety Net Onsite Administrator

[email protected]


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