Exploring pmel epic profile data with java oceanatlas joa
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Exploring PMEL EPIC Profile Data With Java OceanAtlas (JOA) . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring PMEL EPIC Profile Data With Java OceanAtlas (JOA). John R. Osborne. http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/epic/software/JavaJOA.htm. Overview of JOA Features. Cross Platform Windows, Solaris, Mac OS 9/X, Linux. Overview of JOA Features. Sophisticated exploration of profile data

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Exploring pmel epic profile data with java oceanatlas joa

Exploring PMEL EPIC Profile Data With Java OceanAtlas (JOA).

John R. Osborne


Overview of joa features
Overview of JOA Features

  • Cross Platform

    • Windows, Solaris, Mac OS 9/X, Linux

Overview of joa features1
Overview of JOA Features

  • Sophisticated exploration of profile data

    • Linked browsing between all plot types

    • User interface is friendly, but offers many options

    • Color as a third variable

    • All plots resizeable and zoomable

    • No limit on number of open windows

    • Informative default interface

    • Full user customization

    • Program resources saved in XML format

    • Includes NdEdit for data selection from large data collections

    • Large number of supported profile data formats for bottle and CTD data

Overview of joa features2
Overview of JOA Features

  • Data Window

    • Measured data and station metadata at current browsing point

    • Graphical cross-section

    • Display units and color data display by quality codes (WOCE or IGOSS)

    • Color cross-section by bottle quality code (if present)

    • Display current color variable

Overview of joa features3
Overview of JOA Features

  • Property-Property Plots

    • Property-property plots with up to 3 x-axes

    • Isopycnal overlay

Overview of joa features4
Overview of JOA Features

  • Profile Plots

    • Offset property-property profiles (waterfall plots)

Overview of joa features5
Overview of JOA Features

  • Contour Plots

    • Contoured sections (e.g., depth sections)

    • Referenced and residual contour plots

Overview of joa features6
Overview of JOA Features

  • Map Plots

    • Multiple projections

    • Station symbols colored by properties interpolated onto multiple surfaces (e.g., pressure or density)

    • Bathymetry display: isobaths, ETOPO, Sandwell-Smith

    • Tools to create custom sections

Overview of joa features7
Overview of JOA Features

  • Station Value Plots

    • Station plots of mixed-layer calculations and integrals

Overview of joa features8
Overview of JOA Features

  • Calculations

    • Observation Calculations

      • Theta, sigma(0)-sigma(n), NO, PO, AOU, Spiciness, O2 % saturation, alpha, beta, specific volume anomaly, heat storage, sound velocity, B-V frequency, squared B-V frequency, potential vorticity

      • Integrals of acoustic travel time, net heat content, potential energy anomaly, geopotential anomaly

    • Custom Calculations

      • Arithmetic expressions

      • Derivatives

      • Transformations

    • Station Calculations

      • Mixed-layer depth

      • Integral/weighted average of variable between surfaces

Overview of joa features9
Overview of JOA Features

  • Data Filtering

    • Station Filters

      • Include/exclude individual stations/sections

      • Exclude stations missing observations of selected variable

      • Include stations in geographical region

    • Observation Filters

      • Up to four criteria

      • Boolean logic (and/or) can be applied to filter criteria

      • Observations that meet filter criteria can be viewed, highlighted, or removed from plots

      • Useful for data quality control

Overview of joa features10
Overview of JOA Features

  • Customization

    • Color bars

    • Color palettes

    • Interpolation surfaces

    • Custom coastlines and bathymetry

    • Saved map settings

    • CTD Decimation

      • Fixed levels, JOA surface levels, or custom levels

    • Sophisticated import of WOCE “Exchange” files

Overview of joa features11
Overview of JOA Features

  • Integrated into the EPIC environment

    • Reads EPIC pointer files created by “epicselect” or EPIC web interface

    • Writes EPIC pointer files

    • On-line help for EPIC users: http://www.pmel.noaa.Gov/epic/software/JavaJOA.htm

Overview of joa features12
Overview of JOA Features

  • New ‘NdEdit’ function

    • Linked windows for browsing station locations in time/space

    • Overlay bathymetry in map (lat/lon) view

    • Filter in time or space

    • Select stations with box, polygon, segmented section line

    • Retain or delete filtered stations

    • Save EPIC pointer files

    • Open selected files directly in JOA

Exploring pmel epic profile data with java oceanatlas joa

Java Ocean Atlas Input/Output

  • Reads and writes many file types

  • Including EPIC pointer files

Save in these types

New simplified CSV ‘WHP-Exchange’ files

‘Spreadsheet’ files

Exploring pmel epic profile data with java oceanatlas joa

The Near Future: JOA 3.5

  • Latitude/Longitude axes for contour and profile plots

  • Map improvements

  • Better control of missing values in contour plot interpolations

  • Java 2 platform graphics

  • Mac OS X integration

  • Available March, 2002

    The Future

  • Velocity calculations

  • Multi-layer contoured sections

  • JOA for all in-situ data types

  • Some features available by mid-late-2002

Exploring pmel epic profile data with java oceanatlas joa

Using JOA in the EPIC Environment


oz@pmel.noaa.gov or oz@oceanatlas.com

Mick Spillane or any of the EPIC team (Nancy, Don or Willa)

On-line Help