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Applications of Geant4

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Applications of Geant4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applications of Geant4. Geant4 Mini-Tutorial Hebden Bridge 15 September 2007 Joseph Perl, SLAC (mostly stolen from a talk by Makoto Asai). Now simulating PEP beam line as well (-9m < z IP < 9m). BaBar. BaBar at SLAC is the pioneer experiment in HEP in use of Geant4 Started in 2000

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Applications of Geant4

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    1. Applications of Geant4 Geant4 Mini-TutorialHebden Bridge15 September 2007 Joseph Perl, SLAC(mostly stolen from a talk byMakoto Asai)

    2. Now simulating PEP beam line as well (-9m < zIP < 9m) BaBar • BaBar at SLAC is the pioneer experiment in HEP in use of Geant4 • Started in 2000 • Simulated 5*109 events so far • Produced at 20 sites in North America and Europe • Current average production rate 6.1 x 107 events/week Courtesy of D.Wright (SLAC) Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    3. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    4. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    5. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    6. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    7. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    8. Boulby Mine dark matter search Prototype Simulation One High Energy event mirror LXe GXe PMT source Courtesy of H. Araujo, A. Howard, IC London Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    9. Geant4 for beam transportation Courtesy of V.D.Elvira (FNAL) Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    10. Courtesy of G.Blair (CERN) Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    11. Courtesy of S.Incerti (IN2P3/CNRS) Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    12. Launch December 1999 • Perigee 7000 km • apogee 114000 km • Flight through the radiation belts • X-ray Multi-Mirror mission (XMM) X-ray detectors(CCDs) Telescope tube • Chandra X-ray observatory, with similar orbit, experienced unexpected degradation of CCDs • Possible effects on XMM? Mirrors Baffles Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    13. AGILE GLAST GLAST g astrophysics g-ray bursts GLAST Typical telescope: Tracker Calorimeter Anticoincidence • g conversion • electron interactions • multiple scattering • d-ray production • charged particle tracking Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    14. INTEGRAL Cassini Bepi Colombo LISA Herschel GLAST SWIFT ACE Astro-E2 Smart-2 XMM-Newton GAIA JWST EUSO AMS MAXI ISS Columbus Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    15. Courtesy T. Ersmark, KTH Stockholm Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    16. ESA Space Environment & Effects Analysis Section Geant4 in space science X-Ray Surveys of Asteroids and Moons Cosmic rays, jovian electrons Solar X-rays, e, p Geant3.21 G4 “standard” Courtesy SOHO EIT Geant4 low-E Induced X-ray line emission: indicator of target composition (~100 mm surface layer) C, N, O line emissions included Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    17. Alfonso Mantero, Thesis, Univ. Genova, 2002 Space Environments and Effects Section Bepi Colombo: X-Ray Mineralogical Survey of Mercury BepiColombo ESA cornerstone mission to Mercury Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC) Courtesy of ESA Astrophysics

    18. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    19. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    20. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    21. Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    22. GEANT4 based proton dose calculation in a clinical environment: technical aspects, strategies and challenges Harald Paganetti Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    23. Screen shots of gMocren Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    24. Comparison with commercial treatment planning systems M. C. Lopes 1, L. Peralta 2, P. Rodrigues 2, A. Trindade 2 1 IPOFG-CROC Coimbra Oncological Regional Center - 2 LIP - Lisbon CT-simulation with a Rando phantom Experimental data obtained with TLD LiF dosimeter CT images used to define the geometry: a thorax slice from a Rando anthropomorphic phantom Agreement better than 2% between GEANT4 and TLD dosimeters Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)

    25. Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiotherapy delivery and verification:Third McGill International WorkshopMontreal, May 29 - June 1, 2007 Comparison of Geant4 Results to EGSnrc andMeasured Data in Large Field Electron Dose Distributions Bruce Faddegon (UCSF), Joseph Perl (SLAC)Jane Tinslay (SLAC), Makoto Asai (SLAC) Central axis depth dose curves and dose profiles of 6-21 MeV Primus electron beams were measured for a 40x40 cm field and simulated in EGS4 in work presented at the First McGill International Workshop in 2004. Those Monte Carlo treatment head and water phantom simulations have now been replicated with EGSnrc and the Geant4 Simulation Toolkit (version 8.2.p01).In each case, as with the original EGS4 simulation, source and geometry have been adjusted to best match simulation results to measurement. Geant4 simulations were also shown for case of using the exact same source and geometry parameters used in the EGSnrc simulations. Work supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract number DE-AC02-76SF00515 and NIH R01 CA104777-01A2.

    26. Med Phys Apps at ESTRO this Week Kernel I - M.Asai (SLAC)