Analyze of the consumer s value
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Analyze of the consumer`s value. Case study of the segmentation. subject: Revenue of the credit cards tools: combination of Income and Risk. Set up marginal values. Income: 150$ (sum of monthly transactions)

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Case study of the segmentation
Case study of the segmentation

  • subject: Revenue of the credit cards

  • tools: combination of Income and Risk

Set up marginal values
Set up marginal values

  • Income: 150$ (sum of monthly transactions)

  • Risk Score: 650 (average number of depreciations, which is bank willing to accept)

Our task
Our task

  • Excellent costumers

  • Risk Income

  • Not restore credit costumers

  • Ticking time bomb

Excellent costumers
Excellent costumers

  • Best costumer

  • Low risk, high revenue

  • Banks can provide favorable services and lower interest rates

Risk income
Risk Income

  • Create high level of revenue

  • High level risk

  • Bank loans/credits offers them less.

  • If this group gave higher fees, it might become the most profitable, because this group is the least likely to pass the competition

Not restore credit costumers
Not restore credit costumers

  • From the viewpoint of marketing this group has the biggest challenge

  • these customers pay their installments on time. Are called "makers feared transactions".

  • These customers can become excellent customer and it may be for the bank eventually loss.

  • It is necessary to offer creative products at reduced rates and other benefits

T icking time bomb
Ticking time bomb

  • these customers nobody wants.

  • Are risky and not renewed loans.

  • Banks are trying to get rid of the remaining interest rates.