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Building A More Christ Centered School

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Building A More Christ Centered School. Song of Dedication. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. Melt me, mold me, fill me and use me. Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me. (2 Times). ? Union Membership 1980 – 1990 – 2000 –

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song of dedication
Song of Dedication
  • Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.
  • Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.
  • Melt me, mold me, fill me and use me.
  • Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me. (2 Times)
what s wrong with this picture
? Union Membership

1980 –

1990 –

2000 –

2005 -

INCREASE = (members)

UnionK-8 Enrollment

1980 –

1990 –

2000 –

2005 -

DECREASE = (students)

What’s Wrong With This Picture
what were the factors that ignited the explosion
What Were the Factors That Ignited the explosion?
  • 1. Revival Swept through Adventism: RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH IN CHRIST
  • And,
  • 2. A Conviction Regarding:

THE GOSPEL COMMISSION – “Go Ye into all the world.” (Matthew 28:19,20)

growth of adventist global missions
Growth of Adventist Global Missions
  • 1880 5 Missionaries
  • 1890 56 Missionaries
  • 1900 481 Missionaries
  • 1930 8,479 Missionaries
union summary of itbs scores 200 gr 3 9
? Union Summary of ITBS Scores: 200? (Gr. 3-9)

Note: There are approximately 325 students per grade level in Lake Union Schools

Note: Percentile rank is based on national school norms

the watchword of adventist education ed p 296
The Watchword of Adventist Education: Ed, p. 296
  • “Something better” is the watchword of education… Let the students be directed to something better than display, ambition, or self-indulgence.
  • Lead them to behold the One “altogether lovely.” When once the gaze is fixed upon Him, the life finds its center.
the watchword of adventist education ed p 296 continued
The Watchword of Adventist Education: Ed, p. 296 (Continued)
  • The enthusiasm, the generous devotion, the passionate ardor, of the youth find here their true object.
  • Duty becomes a delight, and sacrifice a pleasure.
  • To honor Christ, to become like Him, to work for Him, is the life’s highest ambition and its greatest joy. (Ed. p. 296, 297)
the objectives of adventist education
The Objectives of Adventist Education

From Myths in Adventism by G. Knight

the finished product of adventist education
The Finished Product of Adventist Education
  • Students Who Demonstrate that the purpose of their lives is:
  • SERVICE TO GOD & SERVICE TO MAN both here and in the hereafter.

Dr. Ben Carson, SDA neurosurgeon.

so what estimation does god place on adventist teachers
So What Estimation Does God Place on Adventist Teachers?
  • To the teacher is committed a most important work-- a work upon which he should not enter without careful and thorough preparation. He should feel the sacredness of his CALLING and give himself to it with zeal and devotion… The schoolroom is no place for surface work. No teacher who is satisfied with superficial knowledge will attain a high degree of efficiency. {CT 229.1}
the three objectives of early adventist education
The Three Objectives of Early Adventist Education:
  • 1. To Teach the Children about Christ. (Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God)
  • 2. To Equip children with the Skills Needed for Service and Evangelism. (Go Ye into ALL the world)
  • 3. To Protect the Children from the Influences of satan in our World
our father s two options for adventist education today
Plan “B”

He will use a few key people in the church and the school to prepare brochure’s, and videos and make public presentations to show how Christ is IN our church schools.

Plan “A”

He will once again ignite the people in His church on the Righteousness by Faith in Christ message and,

He will convict His people on the need to take the Gospel to all the world.

Our Father’s Two Options for Adventist Education Today
but for now we will do the best we can with god s plan b
But for Now … We Will Do the Best We Can With God’s Plan “B”
  • How Do We Make Our Schools More Christ Like?
  • It Starts With Our Teachers & Our Preachers & Our Parents & Our School Boards & Even Our Students Making Christ the Center of the Program.
barna research group ltd november 15 1999
Barna Research Group Ltd. November 15, 1999
  • Probability of people accepting Christ as Savior.
  • Ages 5-13 32% rate of probability
  • Ages 14-18 4% rate of probability
  • Ages 19-death 6% rate of probability
  • Bottom Line: If a person does not accept Christ by age 14, the likelihood of ever doing so diminishes drastically.
key themes to building a more christ centered school
Key Themes to Building a More Christ Centered School

#1 Keep Christ at the Center of the School and Each Classroom

#2 Intentionally build and Strengthen Relationships

#3 Involve Students in Outreach/ Witnessing Activities

1 keep christ at the center of the school program nuts bolts
#1:Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program. (Nuts & Bolts)
  • Make Christ the focus of your life.
  • Invite Him to be the center of your school daily –perhaps hourly. (brainstorm).
  • Focus on modeling Christ IN & THROUGH you. Be a walking book about God’s love to be read by all. With Christ as your model … play follow the leader every day.
  • Bring in adults who can share their “Christian journey” & Worship habits with your students.
  • Celebrate the joy found in Jesus. Share victories
keep christ at the center of the school program nuts bolts
Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program. (Nuts & Bolts)
  • Encourage prayer & action for individuals in need.
  • Praise God in personal and public interactions.
  • Form “What would Jesus do?” clubs in each classroom. (Our High Calling, p. 198)
  • Provide a couple of profound agape feasts yearly.
keep christ at the center of the school program continued
Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program. (continued)
  • Encourage your staff to pray one-on-one with all students.
  • Be intentional with spiritual programming. A “what ever” approach to song service sends the message, “this isn’t really important” to students. Make the spiritual program a priority with your time & your money.
1 keep christ at the center of the school program continued
#1. Keep Christ at the Center of the School Program. (continued)
  • Make Bible class practical & personal.
  • Plan the yearly program well in advance to ensure that Christ doesn’t get squeezed out by other programs.
  • Expect miracles – celebrate them.
  • Expect disasters – use them as teaching/learning experiences.
  • Provide opportunities for students to lead out in spiritual endeavors.
2 building and strengthening relationships
#2:Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • The literature on child resiliency and intervention is clear: “Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her.” (Bodine & Crawford 1998)
2 building and strengthening relationships23
#2. Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • Make it a priority to ensure that every student is well known by, and in regular contact with, at least one caring adult in the church. Example: adopt grandparents.
  • Connect older students with younger students in “big brother/sister” relationships.
2 building and strengthening relationships24
#2. Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • Intentionally do things to build rapport with students. Example: cookie day/night, birthday celebrations etc.
  • Understand that the purpose of discipline is REDEMPTION. Use discipline to point students to their loving Father in heaven. Your actions will speak louder than your words.
  • For discipline to be redemptive, it must include a strong relationship component.
2 building and strengthening relationships25
#2.Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • Include students on advisory committees. (Not necessarily policy making ones)
  • Be involved – get out of the office and be part of the flavor of the school.(Be a welcoming committee of one).
  • Let kids tell you how they feel and LISTEN. Act on what you can … and tell them when you cannot. Be open & up-front with them.
2 building and strengthening relationships26
#2. Building and Strengthening Relationships
  • Play with the students. Good advice for teachers, pastors and board members.
  • Teach cooperation & team work and then expect both.
  • Celebrate successes – beat the drum and bring out the band.
3 bible labs god s plan for serving
#3: Bible Labs: God’s Plan for Serving
  • A curriculum that explores issues of caring is enriched by opportunities for helping others. Community service can be particularly beneficial for students at risk. It gives them a chance to feel useful and build self-esteem. (Curwin 1993)
of retention compared to method of teaching
% of Retention Comparedto Method of Teaching
  • LISTENING (Lecture) 5%
  • Reading 10%
  • Audio & Visual 20%
  • Demonstration 30%
  • Discussion Group 50%
  • Practice (experience) 75%
  • Teach Others 95%
3 bible labs god s plan for serving29
#3. Bible Labs: God’s Plan for Serving
  • According to the V.G study, the two most influential factors in students connecting to Christ and remaining faithful are: 1) Parent/child dialogue about faith and ….
  • Involvement in “helping” projects. (home, church, and school).
3 bible labs god s plan for serving30
#3. Bible Labs: God’s Plan for Serving
  • Include witnessing/service activities in the schedule, and not just an add on.
  • Study the life of Christ with your students and help them see that service is not something you do, it’s who you are in Christ.
  • Lead them to experience the joy of serving others for Christ (and not for self).
  • Remember, servant leadership is taught best through two models – Jesus & You.
the role of the principal pastor school board teachers is to create a spiritual school climate
It is the Love of Christ that controls me. -2 Cor. 5:14

Evidence exists that a school or church are the shadow of the administrator.

School & Church improvement begins with the administrator.

Here is the Starting Point for building spiritual CLIMATE

C - Christ’s

L - Love

I - Influences

M - My

A - Attitude

T - Toward

E – Everyone & Everything

The Role of the Principal, Pastor, School Board & Teachers is to Create a Spiritual School CLIMATE
think about this
Think About This
  • “Both then and now, Adv. ed. at its best stands for something of great importance, rather than representing an escape from the non-Christian world. We may conclude that the health of Adv. ed. depends upon its ability to maintain its spiritual identity and its sense of mission. Without these distinctive qualities it loses its reason for being. With them, it will continue to be a dynamic force in a world in need of redemptive healing.” –George Knight.
why do i believe in adventist education adventist schools provide
More Opportunities for Students to Know Their heavenly Father - Abba

More of a Safe Environment –Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually

More Emphasis given to Developing a Christ Like Character

More Understanding that Their Lives Have a Purpose – Tools in their Heavenly Father’s Hands

MoreOpportunities to Discover the Joy of Serving Christ by Helping Others

More Emphasis on a Healthy Life-Style

More Opportunities to Develop Leadership Skills

More of a Family Atmosphere

More Opportunities for Your Children to Take memory “Snapshots of Jesus Lived Out in the Lives of His People.”

Why Do I Believe In Adventist Education? Adventist Schools Provide ----
  • Children/Students Only Grow Up One Time.
  • Don’t settle by giving them what is good – When you can give them what is best.
  • And, what is best is:
  • The home, the school and the church all working to help your children/students know who they are & what they are here for.
  • They are children of God &
  • He plans to use them to finish the work here on earth!

The main thing is that we don’t forget that the main thing is still the main thing. And in parenting or teaching, the main thing is ….Christ IN us & Christ THROUGH us for the good of His children every day.