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WHO AM I?. By Kindra Stetzel. August 13, 1860. I was born to my Quaker parents Jacob and Susan in Darke County Ohio. My mother’s maiden name was Wise. I was the fifth of seven surviving children. Winter 1866. My father died, a nd I ended up having 3 fathers in my life.

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Who am i


By KindraStetzel

August 13 1860
August 13, 1860

I was born to my Quaker parents Jacob and Susan in Darke County Ohio.

Winter 1866
Winter 1866

My father died,

and I ended up having 3 fathers in my life.

Who am i

My real name was Phoebe but most of you may know me better by my nick name.

It starts with an A.

Who am i

I was famous for shooting a gun. by my nick name.

This is commonly called sharpshooting.

Who am i
1876 by my nick name.

I married Frank Butler.

But I was never known by my last name, Butler.

I was better known by a last name that started with an O.

Who am i
1881 by my nick name.

Frank and I started performing with a circus. It was the Sells Brothers’ Circus.

Who am i

I did tricks with Frank and our dog, George. by my nick name.

He was a poodle.

Who am i
1885 demonstrations.

Frank and I did a sharpshooting show with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

November 19 1922
November 19, 1922 demonstrations.

Aterrible accident in Florida fractured my hip and right ankle and I wore a brace for the rest of my life.

Who am i

Frank and I moved back to demonstrations.Darke County because of my failing health.

Who am i

Frank died 18 days later. demonstrations.

Who am i

Who Am I? demonstrations.

Who am i

I am Annie Oakley! demonstrations.