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Lavs Issues

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Lavs Issues. Lav 12. Tube 26-28. Planning future activities. Conclusions. Lav 12. Details drawings are ready . Panel light tight has been defined (inner radius 280mm material aluminum 0.4mm).

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Lavs Issues

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lavs issues
Lavs Issues
  • Lav12.
  • Tube 26-28.
  • Planning future activities.
  • Conclusions.
lav 12
  • Details drawings are ready.
  • Panel light tight has been defined (inner radius 280mm material aluminum 0.4mm).
  • Orders for top part and lower carriage has been placed and the company received both of them.
  • Next step is to interact with production company to finalized drawings for construction.
  • The delivery time is two month after the approval of final drawing for construction.
  • The company is preparing a detail fabrication steps planning.

Survey holes



Verification of the access to the survey holes to be able adjusting the Lav 12

During an external survey we can traslate it outside.


Aluminum sheet panels

Panel light tight

Aluminum 0.4mm

Inner Cylinder radius 280mm


LAV 12



EDMS: 1320184 v.1

Survey holesR=3200

tube 26 28 status
Tube 26-28 status
  • A final versing of drawings has been made and approved.
  • We verify fabrication drawings and final dimensions and tolerances.
  • Final drawing has been summited to FERDI and Olivier for further comments.
  • The deliver schedule has been update.
  • The deliver of tube 26-28 at CERN is envisaged in the end of March 2014 (22/04/2014).
  • A late of delivered of the special stainless steel AISI 304LN has caused a week of delay in the pervious schedule.
  • All material for construction now it is at the company and reparation is taking place for welding.
planning of future activities
Planning of future activities
  • Mounting and test the Lav 12 structures at the company to verifying the mechanic.
  • The transportation of LAV 12 implies a new insulation case and a new isolation system.
  • Tooling for mounting and handling LAV 12 Mechanic and crystal must be designed and made.
  • Verification of construction of Tube 26 and 28 and tests.
  • Installation of the tube 26 and 28 and the rest of LAVs in the experimental area.
  • We can consider to receive the lav 12 in Frascati at the end of April 2014 and transport it at CERN during the summer time.
  • Integration and organization of the transportation of LAV12 can take place in the following three months.
  • The Tube 26-28 can be delivered at CERN end of March.
  • After the end of March we can installed the rest of LAVS.