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ournam. Welcome to the 2013-2014 Hockey Season!. EVHA Board Members. Mike Schoonover, President/D8 Rep/ACE Director Matt Johnson, VP/Co-Tryout Director Jim Sodomka, Secretary Jim Harnagel/David Kisch, Treasurer Mark Groebner, Hockey Operations Scott Calvert, Tournament Coordinator

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Presentation Transcript
EVHA Board Members

Mike Schoonover, President/D8 Rep/ACE Director

Matt Johnson, VP/Co-Tryout Director

Jim Sodomka, Secretary

Jim Harnagel/David Kisch, Treasurer

Mark Groebner, Hockey Operations

Scott Calvert, Tournament Coordinator

Brad Karst, Mite Coordinator

Dave Leach, Squirt C Coordinator

Jim Lombardi, Goalie Equipment/Girls Tourney Coordinator

Jim Reller, Asst Hockey Operations/Equipment

Kelly Griffitts, Co-Tryout Coordinator/Booster Club

Renee Swenson, Registrar/Asst Girls Coordinator

Jim Sodomka, Events / Booster Club

Tom Keating, Girls Coordinator

Terilynn Chesek, Gambling Manager

Other Contacts for EVHA

Amy Hutsell - Administrator

Julie Cochran– Volunteer & Concessions Coordinator

(in training)

Jeremy Weestrand – Ice Coordinator

evha mission
EVHA Mission
  • Eastview Hockey Association (EVHA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience for the children residing in the Eastview High School Attendance area or who are eligible to play in the EVHA who wish to play ice hockey. Our curriculum stresses basic skills, encourages team play and sportsmanship, and strives for fair playing time for all players. The individuals who teach this curriculum, in all cases, have completed one or more courses in the USA Hockey Coaches’ Education Program (CEP). EVHA’s coaches and Board of Directors, through such things as our Code of Conduct, also are committed to teaching players to respect their opponents and the officials.
time cost committment
Time & Cost Committment
  • 3-5 Days per week
  • $1100-$1500 in Team Fees (includes Ice, Dryland, District fees, Tournaments, etc)
  • EVHA Website www.eastviewhockey.net
  • Follow us on Twitter: @EVYouthHockey
  • EVHA Handbook
  • Email is primary form of communication
  • Contact a Board Member
expectations of players
Expectations of Players
  • Play for the love of the game
  • Respect your opponent
  • Work for the good of the team
  • Respect officials and their judgment
  • Play within the rules of the game
  • Be generous in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Always conduct yourself with honor and pride
expectations of parents
Expectations of Parents
  • Be a Positive Role Model
  • Support the coach and officials
  • Support and assist the program in a positive manner
  • Keep your opinion(s) to yourself
  • The parent is the most important example a child can relate to
survey results

Survey Results

50% goal for responses next year

EVHA Financials

As of Fiscal Year End April 2013

Revenue $ 96,000

Expenses $105,000

Net Income/Loss $ <9,000>

hockey operations
Hockey Operations
  • Team sizes
  • Determining team level
  • Coach application and selection process. All coaches need to register through the website.
  • District 8 will be using 2 minute penalties for 2013-14
ice scheduling
Ice Scheduling

Ice Time: May see more late hours this year

Will be needing more ice for girls program

Will need to use ice at Drake this year.

Older boys will not be scheduled at the Pond

Eagan:  $195/hrtil Dec. 31, then goes to $205/hr for 2014

Hayes/AVSA: $210/hr

STA: $215/hr.

Drake: $165/hr.

The Pond: $175 for 50 mins

skill development clinic
Skill Development Clinic
  • Clinics this year were led by our Varsity Hockey Coach (Drey Bradley)
    • Saturdays and Sundays are skill sessions and during the week will be scrimmages. Coach Bradley will lead all weekend sessions along with current HS players.
    • We held solo sessions focused on goalie skills on September 14 and 15 for goalies at all levels.
    • The website has all dates and times, sessions are divided up by alphabet.
    • The Clinics run from 9/14 – 9/25, all sessions are at HAYES Arena.
tryouts 2013 2014
Tryouts: 2013-2014
  • Tryouts for this year will begin on Sat 9/28 - all sessions will be at Hayes Arena
    • Tryouts this year will again be closed to parents. Once the tryouts begin, parents will not be allowed in the arena. Board members will also not be allowed in the arena during the time that their son is trying out.
    • We have independent evaluators from outside the association doing all of our scoring. Additionally at the Peewee and the Bantam level the A coach will also score, at the Squirt level we will be utilizing only the independent evaluators.
    • Goalies will be evaluated at The Pond and during the scrimmage sessions at Hayes. Goalies will be evaluated by an independent evaluator.
    • Our tryout skill drills are currently on the website, we will run through the four drills during the squirt and peewee first tryout session. Each drill will run approximately 12 minutes and each player will have multiple times to do each skill drill, we will be utilizing the full hour for skills.
    • The skill drills are slightly different for Squirts and Peewees, the expectations are higher for the Peewees. All drills were recommended by USA Hockey
    • Skills will be 20% of the total score for Squirts and 15% for Peewees. Bantams will be 100% based on scrimmages. Goalies at all levels are evaluated based on 20% skills & 80% scrimmages.
    • The final scrimmage for the Top 20 Peewees and Bantams will be a “game” against an outside association. This is where the coaches will make their non-lock picks.
tryouts 2013 2014 squirts
Tryouts: 2013-2014Squirts
  • The number of players on the A/B and C teams will depend on the total number of kids trying out. Typically each team has approximately 13 – 15 players. The independent evaluators scores will determine the teams.
  • The skill portion of the tryouts will account for 20% of the tryouts and the scrimmages will be 80%. The skill drills are on the website and consist of forward crossovers, backward crossovers, transitional skating, stick-handling and shooting.
  • Evaluators are grading on the total hockey player: overall hockey sense, playmaking ability, speed, etc. It is not who scores the most goals gets the highest score.
  • Goalie evaluations will be based on all scrimmage sessions scored plus the skill session at The Pond. The goalie skill session is 20% of the total score and the scrimmages are 80%.
tryouts 2013 2014 peewees
Tryouts: 2013-2014Peewees
  • Peewees first session will be a skill session and account for 15% of their total score. Tryout drills are on the website, the drills are from USA hockey and recommended for a Peewee player.
  • The following sessions will be scrimmage sessions of either 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 depending on the number of players trying out. We will then have approximately 20 skaters and 2 goalies participate in a scrimmage with Roseville. This session will be run by the Peewee A Head Coach. He will be utilizing this session to make his coaches picks.
  • Goalies will have scrimmage sessions scored as well as the skill session at The Pond. At Peewees the skill session at The Pond accounts for 20% and the scrimmage sessions account for 80%.
  • The top 2/3rd of the total team size determined by the Board will be locks. The “A” head coach will select the remaining players from a pool consisting of the players ranked through 20. Ex. if there are 14 players on the “A” team 9 players will be locks and 5 players will be coaches picks.
tryouts 2013 2014 bantams
Tryouts: 2013-2014Bantams

Bantams will begin with a 4 on 4 session followed by two 5 on 5 sessions. After the final 5 on 5 session approximately 20 skaters and 2 goalies will participate in a scrimmage with Roseville. This session will be run by the Bantam A Head Coach, he will be utilizing this session to make his coaches picks.

Similar to Peewees, the top 2/3rd of the total team size determined by the Board will be locks. The “A” head coach will select the remaining players from a pool consisting of the players ranked through 20.

Just like the Peewee level, the Bantam goalie skill session will be held at The Pond in Rosemount. 80% of the evaluation will be based on the scrimmage sessions and 20% will be on the skills’ component.

tryouts 2013 20141
Tryouts: 2013-2014


Please check the website after EVERY session to see which session your son or daughter will be participating in!!!!

All players will receive a pair of socks, jersey and number for tryouts that must be worn, additionally players must wear a black helmet with only EV stickers on the helmet, no AAA helmet stickers allowed. These socks are their game socks for the season.

  • Volunteer policy available on the website
  • How to meet your required hours
  • 5 hours per child; 10 hours max
  • Check the volunteer system for available hours
  • Interested in Coaching?
  • Team Managers needed. Once teams are formed, contact your coach to express interest
team managers
Team Managers
  • Manage Team Finances
  • Assist coach in scheduling
  • Help with team coordination on picture night
  • Team communications
  • Fulfill tourney requirements (roster, etc) and help coordinate out of town tournament
  • Communicate weekly schedule to team
  • If interested, contact your coach once teams are formed.
  • Boys’ traveling teams typically go to 4 tournaments
    • 3 Metro Area Tournaments (Squirt C attends 2)
    • 1 Out of Town Tournament
  • Girls All Levels typically go to 3 tournaments
    • 2 Metro Area Tournaments
    • 1 Out of Town Tournament
tournament selection process
Tournament Selection Process
  • Feedback from coaches and surveys
  • Scheduling
    • Limited number of tournaments
    • Different team selection criteria

For those that are new to the association or new to the traveling program, you will first need to obtain your jersey number from Jim Reller (equipment@eastviewhockey.net).

If you need a new jersey, please contact Westwood Sports for ordering. They are $75.50 each. We have a black & white jersey (for home & away games). Payment must be made by check – payable to EVHA (or cash). Sorry - no credit cards are accepted.

Order asap! Westwood Sports will send jersey orders out on these three dates: Sept 28th, Oct 12 and 25th.  Famillies should place their orders by one of these dates to make sure their jerseys arrive in time for their first games and pictures.


New vendor this year: IdentityStores.com

T-shirt, winter hat, lightweight jacket, sweatshirt & sweatpants will be available through the holiday season.

More information will be forthcoming via the website.

  • Golf Tourney
  • Pull Tabs & Bingo- Valley Tap, Bogarts/Apple Place
  • Eastview Girls Tourney held at Eagan Arena in Dec
  • Eastview Night at the Wild,
    • Home opener on Oct 3 vs LA Kings
    • MN Wild vs. Washington (Ovechin) on Jan 4th
    • MN Wild vs. Dallas (Hockey Day MN) on Jan. 18th
    • MN Wild vs. Pittsburgh (Sydney Crosby) on April 5th
  • Chili’s in Eagan
  • Raffle sales
booster club
Booster Club
  • Each Team will have a Booster Club Member
  • Booster Club Members
    • Organize Raffle
    • Collect Donations/Sponsorship from Businesses
    • Collect Raffle Money from Team
    • Auction Basket for Team
    • Attend 3-5 meetings during year

Covers your Volunteer Hours requirement

dry land training
Dry Land Training

Partnership with Cross-Fit training center (located in AV, behind Eastview football stadium).

Team will attend sessions together and they will be led by CrossFit‘s highly specialized instructors focusing on lower body strength and balance.

All sessions are 30 minutes and average $5/child except for Bantams & PWs which are 45 minutes and are $8/child.

Sessions will try to be coordinated in conjunction with practices and will not be on the weekends between Dec-Feb.

Team managers will allocate for this training and spread it out over the season budget.

30 minute Athlete season (Oct-Jan) fee: $120

45 minute Athlete season (Oct-Jan) fee : $192

dry land training by team
Dry Land Training by Team


PWs, Bantams & Girls

PeeWees– Twenty-four 45-min. sessions (2x/week through mid Nov.; 1x/week for Nov-Jan.)

Bantams – Twenty-four 45-min. sessions (2x/week through mid-Nov.; 1x/week Nov-Jan.)  

PW & BTM=$8/session/Kid

10U and older Girls teams – Twenty-four 45-min. sessions(2x/week through mid-Nov; 1x/week Nov-Jan.)

  • Squirt C’s – Twelve 30 min sessions (1x/week starting in Nov.
  • Squirt A&B – Twenty-four 30 min sessions total (2x/week for Oct. & Nov; 1x/week Dec-Jan.)
  • Squirts=$5/session/Kid