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Jimmy Period 4 Computer #7 12.9.10 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jimmy Period 4 Computer #7 12.9.10

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Jimmy Period 4 Computer #7 12.9.10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fast Can Be Dangerous. Jimmy Period 4 Computer #7 12.9.10. Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. Characters:. Alex Collin Stew Pidd Jacob Merez Racing Team Judge Collin’s Mom Collin’s Dad Alex’s Dad. Fast Can Be Dangerous.

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Jimmy Period 4 Computer #7 12.9.10

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Presentation Transcript

Fast Can Be Dangerous


Period 4

Computer #7



Slow and steady wins the race.

  • Alex
  • Collin
  • Stew Pidd
  • Jacob Merez
  • Racing Team
  • Judge
  • Collin’s Mom
  • Collin’s Dad
  • Alex’s Dad

Fast Can Be Dangerous

Once upon a time, there were two boys who loved racing, named Alex and Collin. The boys were going to be seniors in high school next year, and they both have their license.

Driver’s License


The boys enjoyed racing their cars down their street, until one day, they were caught , and written tickets by a police officer. Their court summons were two weeks from the day of the ticket. The boys parents were furious about the tickets. “No more car for three months, exclaimed Collin’s mom.

Collins Mom



When the two weeks were finally up, the boys were driven by their parents to court. When they stepped in together, they were shocked. A pro crew chief was in the room for a speeding ticket also. Not many people knew who he was, but the boys defiantly did. His name was Stew Pidd, and he was the crew chief of their favorite racer, Jacob Merez, who was the driver of the lucky number three car. The boys were thrilled to see him there.

Jacob Merez’s car


When it was finally their turn, everything went smoothly. They were a little nervous for some reason, but everything ended up going well, accept for the fact that they received two and a half weeks with no license, from the judge.

The court room the boys were in


As the boys were walking out, Stew Pidd walked up to the boys, and said something the boys will never forget. He asked them if they wanted to come down to the race track with him, and race. He said, “anyone who gets a speeding ticket that high, and doesn’t kill them selves, must be good racers.”

Collin, after he received the good news.


When the boys got into their cars, they both asked their parents if they could go to the track with Jacob Merez, and Stew Pidd, next week. Stew Pidd and the boys exchanged phone numbers so they could get a hold of each other. The boy’s parents said yes to the idea of racing with Jacob Merez.

The boys’ faces when they were told yes


When Stew Pidd called, the boys were very excited. They were driven to the track, and they got to meet the whole Merez racing team! Finally, they got to meet Jacob himself. The boys were thrilled to start racing on all the different tracks. Alex really wanted to race on the obstacle track though. Collin didn’t really mind.

Part of the race track


When the boys got their gear on, and ready to go, Stew took them out onto the track. They were all very anxious. The boys were nervous, because Jacob Merez was watching them, and would be racing next race. “Ok guys… ready… set… GO! Just like that, the boys shot down the straight away. Then, a turn, and then the actual obstacle. Alex turned the corner, and ran straight into a wall. He must have turned too hard. Collin went past him to finish first about five minutes later. Alex did not get out of his car though. He was hurt!

Alex’s car after the crash


When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor pronounced Alex dead. Ha ha, just kidding. He just broke both of his arms and a leg. He also got bruised up pretty bad. Collin felt so bad about his friend. He should have warned him to be careful.

Alex’s broken leg


When Alex’s parents arrived at the hospital, they were furious with the racing team. They were asking why they would let him on the track by them selves, and why they would let them on that kind of track, at their age. They were wondering why Collin was not banged up, but only Alex. Was Collin a better racer? Maybe. Was he more experienced? No. But he was smart.

Alex, in his hospital bed


Well, Alex is well and racing again. He also learned something from his friend: slow and steady wins the race. It also keeps you safer. Unfortunately though, the racing team was sued by Alex and his family. Jacob Merez is not as popular, and Stew Pidd got fired for letting the boys race there, and is currently a cashier at the BP gas station. To avoid trouble, and keep safe, you need to go slow, and steady, like Collin.