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Service Learning Freshman Year Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning Freshman Year Experience

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Service Learning Freshman Year Experience
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Service Learning Freshman Year Experience

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  1. Service LearningFreshman Year Experience Philip Aaron Internet Technology Dr. Tillman

  2. Definition • a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

  3. Benefits • With service-learning, we are providing an vital service to the community while at the same time, developing an understanding of pollution issues, learning to spot problems in the community and figure out what we can do to fix them, and practicing communications skills by speaking to the members of the community.

  4. Examples • Picking up trash- Adopt a Highway • Local Car Wash’s • Relay for Life • Volunteer Work- Salvation Army etc • University Events • Helping in the city schools • Giving Blood- American Red Cross

  5. My Activities • Blazer Raiser • Giving Blood • Relay for Life • Golf Tournaments- Warren Coats Tournament • Skeet Shoot- Tommy Swann

  6. Blazer Raiser • Fundraiser for the Valdosta State University Tennis Team, where families of Valdosta come out and donate money to the team. Local families bring their checkbooks, and thick wallets and enjoy themselves with fine dining and good looking players, which they bid on. Some players were bid on over a thousand dollars, and even after the initial bid, there was another round where people could bid on the team. Nevertheless it was a great activity to be a part of, while broadening my aspect of service learning.

  7. Warren Coats Golf Tournament • The Delta Rho Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order organized a golf tournament for alumni, Warren C. Coats, who has fallen very ill in the past few years. Over $10,000 was raised for his medical bills, and other payments billed to Mrs. Coats. Mr. Coats recently passed away this Saturday, May 1, 2010, so his wife was genuinely thankful for our giving to their family.

  8. Donating Blood • Giving blood was never something I thought about doing, and I could not do it because of my trip to China/Mongolia. December of 09 was the first time I did it and it felt good knowing that my blood was doing someone else good.

  9. Pictures Blazer Raiser Relay Phi Mu booth at relay