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Jefferson Campus Advocacy Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Jefferson Campus Advocacy Project

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Jefferson Campus Advocacy Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jefferson Campus Advocacy Project
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  1. Jefferson CampusAdvocacy Project Don Dixon Tearale Triplett Brian Quinn Juanita Valder Peg Schoettle Devon Baker Karl Logan

  2. Advocacy Project Goal(s) • The goal of the Jefferson high school counseling department is to develop and implement strategies to help raise math achievement for all students

  3. Problem Summary and Baseline Data • Although a growing percentage of students are meeting the math CIM, math achievement levels continue to be low. • Though the percentage of students taking Algebra and Geometry is growing, only Algebra 3-4 (2nd year Algebra), shows an increase in the percentage of students earning satisfactory grades over the past three years.

  4. Data across the Years Math multiple choice (CIM) comparisons of JHS 10th Graders

  5. Percent of Students Taking Math Classes

  6. Percent of Students With Satisfactory Grades in Algebra

  7. Freshmen with Satisfactory Algebra Performance by Ethnic Group

  8. Freshmen with Satisfactory Algebra Performance by Ethnic Group

  9. Collaboration • Members of the following groups have met to develop and implement plans to address the problem: • community • after-school SES tutors • academy teachers • math teachers • sun schools • test coordinator • site-counsel • administration

  10. Collaboration • National Science Foundation (NSF) • Portland Community College Skills Center • Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Coach • College Center • Demo. Learning Lab. • Feeder Middle School Counseling

  11. Action steps Communicate and analyze test results with all tutors, teachers, students, community, and math department for both school of Champions and school of Pride Assess students twice, once in the fall and again in the spring Status Done Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Done

  12. Teachers and tutoring staff make curriculum adjustments to address low areas for each student based on TESA data Success contracts for sem.1 Geometry students Revision and implementation of 4-year plan to include testing data Done Done Done Action StepsStatus

  13. Offer support classes on Wednesday morning and during the day within our College and Demo Learning Centers Creation of a referral system for our after school SES tutoring options Offer a math study hall to 10th grade math students within 10 RIT pts of CIM Done Done Done Action StepsStatus

  14. 8th grade students tour Jefferson to preview High School 8th grade articulation meeting with counselors at Jefferson H.S. Communication of available resources through newsletter, community meetings, and counseling letter outreach Done Done Ongoing Action StepsStatus

  15. ELL tutoring offered after-school in Multicultural Center Parent, Student, teacher staffings with success plans Credit retrieval offered at PCC Skills Center Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Action StepsStatus

  16. Assessment Results so far • 9th grade COG-6% met on the fall 04-05 pretest. • 10th grade CIM-8.8% met on fall 04-05 pretest. • 11th grade CIM make-up-2% met on fall 04-05 pretest. • 12th grade CIM make-up; none met standard on the fall 04-05 pretest.

  17. Results • Approximately 90% of 9th grade students have taken the COG math test • Approximately 90% of all 10th and 11th grade students have taken the fall Math CIM • Math achievement data reports are given at most School of Pride and School of Champion staff meetings • Four-year plan will be given to all students

  18. Results • Approximately 140 students registered to attend SES after-school tutoring • Approximately 25 students are attending our 10th grade math study hall • Conducted 44 academy staffings for 10th grade success plans • Presentation about data use to approximately 120 community members at our community meeting on January 20. • All SES tutoring students are using TESA data to inform instruction

  19. Results • Approximately 48 students attend classes in the Demo Learning Center each day • The 10th grade academy math teachers have analyzed and made instructional changes for most of 10th grade students based on TESA math data • 36 students attended 8th grade summer school in 2004 • Incomplete contracts were given to 24 10th grade geometry students

  20. Next Steps • We are planning another community meeting to give updates and get community feedback about how well our programs are working • A new Career Data Sheet will help 10th-11th grade students choose a major and review CIM pretest results during forecasting • We are working on a parent email database to promote increased communication about a variety of topics including achievement results

  21. Next Steps • At least 90% of our 9th grade student will take the COG math test on May 4-5 • COG results will be analyzed to determine growth and to inform program development • At least 90% of our 10th-11th grade students will take the Math CIM in March and April • Results will be analyzed to determine effectiveness of use of data to inform instruction

  22. Next Steps • Spring Conferences to communicate testing results and progress to parents. • 9th grade Academy math support class for 05-06 • 10th grade Academy math support class for 05-06 • Skills-based summer school for all students in math and literacy • Student referral to credit recovery • Recruitment for 8th grade summer school begins in May 05